Yablonoviy Range

Yablonoviy Mountains

Yablonoviy Range (Яблоновый хребет in Russian) is a mountain range in Transbaikal (mainly in Chita Oblast) in Russia.

It stretches for some 650 km from the Malkhansky Range on the west to the mouth of the Nyukzha River (tributary of the Olyokma River) on the east. The highest peak of the range is 1,680 m. It is formed with granites, crystalline slates, and sandstones. The slopes of the Yablonoviy Range are covered with larch and occasional fir and silver fir taiga. Pine forests are quite common on the southern slopes of the range. Peaks higher than 1,200 - 1,400 meters are covered with mountainous tundra vegetation.

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