Production Area Greece
Milk Sheep and goat
Pasteurized Traditionally not but commercially yes
Texture Soft
Moisture approx. 66% - 70%
Fat content approx. 15%
Protein content approx. 15.5%
Salt approx. 2%
Dimensions/weight Variable
Aging time None
Certification Only Xynomyzithra Kritis

Xynomizithra or xynomyzithra (Greek ξυνομυζήθρα) is a traditional unpasteurized Greek cheese, a sour variant of mizithra. It is made from sheep's and/or goat's whey with the addition of milk. The cheese is soft, snow-white, creamy in texture, and granular. It is made in various sizes and usually shaped like a truncated cone.

Xynomyzithra Kritis 'xynomizithra of Crete' is a European protected designation of origin.

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