Xevoz (pronounced: ZEE-vohs) are a line of action figures made by Hasbro. They were developed using a joint design and construction style licensed from the STIKFAS action figure line. The toys are noted for having posable, interchangeable body parts, and for being of generally high quality and aesthetic appeal. Xevoz enthusiasts particularly enjoy the high degree of customization options to which the toys lend themselves. 4 waves of figures were released in the United States. The line still has a large amount of supporters and the cult status of the line has even prompted a band from Nashville, TN, to create a theme song for it.


The line was made available in five "price points": Basic, Deluxe, Two-Pack, Vehicle, and Transporter. Additionally, a sixth type of figure, the "Special Value" series, was created exclusively for Toys "R" Us.

Basic A single figure with accessories. Basic sets normally retailed for $5-8.

Deluxe A single figure, similar to Basics, but with more accessories and at least one "action feature" (e.g., firing missiles, spring-loaded abilities). Deluxe Figures retailed for $9-$12.

The two Special Value figures came in the same packaging as Deluxe figures and sold at the same price point. The Special Value sets were created by combining a recolored Basic toy (either Alpha Ranger or Skull Jack) with a handful of recolored Deluxe accessories (from Sledge Trooper or Inferno Fury, respectively). The Special Value sets did not include action feature accessories, although Grim Skull included a recolored version of Inferno Fury's missile, without the launcher.

Two-Packs included two distinct figures, each with their own separate accessories. The Two-Packs also included a map-board for use with the Xevoz game pieces. The two-packs retailed for $14-$18.

The single Vehicle set included two distinct figures, one standard-sized and one larger figure that could be reassembled into several vehicles. The set retailed for $18-20.

A single Transporter case was released, which contained compartments on the side to store pieces. When opened, it provided a platform to have figures battle one another. The Transporter case included one figure and sold for $30-$35.

Prices for the line fluctuated wildly from retailer to retailer. Basics were selling for $5 at Wal-Mart and $7 at K-B. The entirety of Wave One and parts of Wave Two could eventually be obtained for half the initial retail price or less as retailers looked to move the remaining stock.


Xevoz began shipping in January 2004, with early sightings of wave one limited to Toys 'R' Us stores. Within months, however, the toys could be found at most major retailers. The first three waves of the line were all displayed at the New York Toy Fair in February 2004.

Wave 2 arrived in late Spring of 2004, adding a few new kits and a few new retail partners, including Wal-Mart and Target.

Wave 3 came in late Summer and was unevenly distributed. The figures were found primarily in Target and at online retailers, although some Wal-Marts did receive cases, and when they did arrive, the new figures tended to sell out quickly. Single-packed figures like Tomb Wraith and Storm Wing rapidly climbed in value as a result.

The line ended with Wave 4, which was displayed at the San Diego Comic-Con in July 2004. The final assortment, Wave 4 was never released to brick-and-mortar retailers, although a few shops that also had online services did receive the Thunder Shaman set. Months after the line was thought to have been written off by Hasbro, Wave 4 figures began appearing in Asian stores. Finally, in the summer of 2005, Hasbro sold the remaining Wave 4 figures to various Internet retailers, including their own site, causing a run on the long-awaited series.'s initial offering of the Wave 4 basics sold out within ten hours of their listing on the site. More recently, Wave 4 basics have been turning up at Big Lots and Tuesday Morning stores in the United States, with at least one person reporting finding the Wave 4 two-pack at a Tuesday Morning.

Future (?)

Despite the unexpected sales of the figures on Hasbro's online store, it is unlikely that Hasbro has plans on continuing the line in any capacity. The future of this line is said to be non-existent as the Hasbro Xevoz team has been disbanded. Nevertheless, a small, vocal online fan base continues to support the line.



The figures in the Xevoz line are divided into 8 species.

Note: Reptosaurs and Arcasters were added in Wave 4.

Wave 1



  • Sledge Trooper (Biomecha): Robot
  • Inferno Fury (Hyperfury): Fire Elemental


"Special Value" Packs:

  • Omega Guard (Neo Sapien): Elite Soldier §§
  • Grim Skull (Unnatural): Fiery Skeleton §§

Wave 2


  • Shock Berserker (Hyperfury): Electric Elemental
  • Dune Stinger (Sectoid): Scorpion


  • Sky Grinder (Neo Sapien): Extreme athlete



Wave 3


  • Shield Breaker (Basic Neo Sapien): S.W.A.T. Officer
  • Quick Slinger (Basic Neo Sapien): Cowboy
  • Storm Wing (Meta-Beast): Eagle
  • Tomb Wraith (Unnatural): Winged Skeleton §


  • Crypt Curse (Unnatural): Mummy


  • Cryo Katana (Hyperfury): Ice Elemental
  • Preda Crawler (Biomecha): Four-Legged Cyborg


Wave 4



  • Thunder Shaman (Meta-Beast): Gorilla


  • Runeslayer (Arcaster): Sorcerer
  • Firedrake (Reptosaur): Dragon

Unreleased Figures

Before the Xevoz line was cancelled, 2 more waves of figures were scheduled to be produced. Production art of some of these figures (Glacier Scout, Machete Mech, Mech Shell, and Rocka Huna) is known to exist, and the molds for the Wave 5 figures are rumored to exist, making their release a possibility in the future should Hasbro decide to re-launch Xevoz. A painted prototype of Mech Shell exists in the Stikfas Headquarters in Singapore, along with a display of other Xevoz.

The only information in regards to these figures is provided below.

  • Ataknid (Sectoid): Spider
  • Dark Sentinel (Neo Sapien): ?
  • Glacier Scout (Meta-Beast): Lynx
  • Gore Goyle (Unnatural): Gargoyle
  • Helios Archer (Hyperfury): Air/Light Elemental?
  • Machete Mech (Biomecha): Cyborg
  • Mech-Shell (Reptosaur): Turtle
  • Rockahuna (Hyperfury): Rock/Lava Elemental
  • Scarabushi (Sectoid): Scarab Beetle
  • Street Pursuit (Neo Sapien): ?
  • Ursa Major (Meta-Beast): Bear
  • Warlock (Arcaster): ?

§ denotes figures partially composed of recolored parts.

§§ denotes figures entirely composed of recolored parts.

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