XPL is a dialect of the PL/I programming language, developed in 1967, targeted at the development of compilers.


XPL was designed just as PL/I was introduced. It was so nice to see IBM abandon the FORTRAN constructs in favor of forms more like ALGOL 60, that the authors decided to base XPL on PL/I. The analogy was very thin. XPL was small language. PL/I was not. The significant language feature of XPL was efficient garbage-collected strings.

XPL was compiled by XCOM, a relatively simple bottom-up compiler. XCOM was bootstrapped through Burroughs Algol onto the IBM S/360. The compiler was distributed through the IBM SHARE organization. Detailed information about XPL and XCOM is available via the reference and external link below.


  • A Compiler Generator (1971), by William M. McKeeman, James J. Horning, and David B. Wortman, ISBN 978-0131550773

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