XHDL-FM or Radioactivo 98.5 was a Mexico City commercial radio station, transmitting rock music and Hip hop format from 1992 to 2004. It used to transmit on 98.5 FM until bought by Grupo Imagen by Olegario Vazquez Raña.

Today, the name of station XHDL-FM is Reporte 98.5, a talk radio format.

Some known speakers were: Ilana Sod, Olallo Rubio, El Sopitas, Julio Martínez Rios, Rulo, Martín Hernández, Arturo López Gavito, Fernanda Tapia, Claudia Arellano, Ricardo Zamora, Uriel Waizel, José Álvarez, Luis Roberto Márquez “El Boy”, Lucinda “La Doctora”, Esteban Silva, Lucila Zetina, Abel Membrillo, Jordi Soler, Jaime Camil, Gonzalo, Erich Martino, José Enrique Fernández, Cha!, El Paella and Edgar David Aguilera.

Their slogan was "Fuck everyone else" (sic). Various international artists, such as Metallica , Fabolous, Snoop Dogg and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, visited the station.

This radio station was known by its particular way of making fun of others, via their own programs and their commercials. They poked fun at politics and politicians, artists, rich people and rock bands.

After the breakup in 2004, most of its best-known speakers moved on to public radio or other media. Rulo, El Sopitas, Julio Martinez and Erich Martino went on to work at Reactor 105.7 FM, IMER public radio. Others have moved on to TV, such as Fernanda Tapia who hosts the talk and discussion forum show "Diálogos en confianza", at IPN's Canal 11. Ilana Sod is editor-in-chief and anchor for MTV LA news, working currently in pro-social matters along with UNICEF, Inter-American Development Bank, Staying Alive Foundation and MTV International. Olallo Rubio has been working with others who used to work at Radioactivo on a magazine called R&R and, most recently, on a Podcast called "El Podcast de Olallo Rubio", and also he will release a documentary feature this year titled: So, What's your price?, Some others are working at a variety of radio stations including Neurótica F.M (in Toluca), WRadio (Mexico City), and writing blogs or podcasting at, Company that after ally with Prodigy /MSN for his generation of content. Arturo López Gavito became one of the most hated judges on the TV Azteca show La Academia, a Mexican version of a US reality show.

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