Wuhan Guanggu

FC Wuhan is the Footbal Club, which is located in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The club's home stadium is Xinhualu Stadium, while they often play at Wuhan Sports Center which is a highly modern stadium in China.

The fans of This Club are mainly from Hubei province. This club has solid supporters from the city of Wuhan, as well as the cities around Wuhan, like Ezhou, Huangshi and Xiaogan.

They were promoted from the Chinese first division in 2004 to the Chinese Super League in 2005. Coached by Pei Encai, and led by the captain Central-Defender Li Hao, Chinese national team midfielder Zheng Bin and two skilful forwards from Brazil. They finished with 5th in CSL, with a seven straight win opening. After the coach Pei Encai was promoted to the headcoach of Chinese national women's football team, Wuhan had a hard time with inappropriate tactics and key players' injuries. But with team members' effort, they nailed the 5th position in the league. And in the CSL cup's Final, Wuhan beat Shenzhen Jianlibao with 2:0, and holds the cup.

This Club's players are mainly from Hubei province. Their foreign players are mainly from Brazil, as the team is more likely to play the "Skill-Style" football which is similar to Brazil's style. The present starting forwards Gilsinho and Vincent, and central defender Emerson are all from Brazil. Especially Gilsinho is highly regarded by the club's supporters, for both his scoring ability and loyalty.

In year 2005, a lot of players from Wuhan were involved in the Chinese national team, including the defenders Ai Zhibo and Cai Xi, midfielders Zheng Bin, Zhou Yi and Zhang Xinxin. The defence midfielder Zhou Heng was selected to China U23 national team. The youngster Deng Zhuoxiang was called for China U19 national team.

In year 2006, Captain Zheng Bin was selected to China Super League All-Star team. Goalkeeper Zeng Cheng was called to China U23 national team, and successfully became the starting goalkeeper. Rong Hao and Di You were also called for China U23, but both leave the team with knee injury.

In year 2007, Wuhan's captain Zheng Bin was made the most recent China national team for U.S. touring matches. While Goalkeeper Zeng Cheng and defender Cai Xi were called for China U23 national team for Toulon tournament in France. Wuhan are cooperate with Bolton Wanderers of England.

In the year 2008,Wuhan FC quits the CSL for the reason of unfair punishment by the Chinese Football Association.

Other names

  • 1994- Hubei Wuhan Occupation FC (湖北武汉职业足球俱乐部)
  • -2005 Wuhan Huanghelou (武汉黄鹤楼)
  • 2006- Wuhan Guanggu (武汉光谷).


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As of 8 September, 2008


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