Wu Ching

Wu Ching-kuo

Dr. Wu Ching-kuo (b.October 18, 1946) is the Taiwanese president of the AIBA.


Wu Ching-kuo wasn't a boxer but a basketball player in his youth. Later he worked as an architect.

When serving as an AIBA committee chairman, he proposed reforms such as increased marketing, new television contracts and the installation of scoreboards to allow fans to see how judges score fights in real time.

In November 2006 he won a vote 83 to 79 to replace 84-year old Anwar Chowdhry of Pakistan to serve as AIBA's head for the next four years. He had the support of the US, delegation member Charles Butler said and claims to have had the support of China, with whom he has worked on the 2008 Olympic Games, too.

He is also Taiwan's representative on the International Olympic Committee (IOC). He will be serving as part of the evaluation commission for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

After his election he let PriceWaterhouseCoopers check the AIBA finances. Turkish General Secretary Caner Doganeli was soon suspended in February 2007 and the ethics commission headed by François Carrard is now discussing financial irregularities charges against Doganeli and Chowdry. He hasn't yet fired the very controversial Uzbek AIBA-Vice President Gafur Rachimov who had been banned from entering Australia in 2000 after the Sydney Morning Herald broke the news that he's a drug tsar, a mafia boss and controls crime in Central Asia The head of Russian amateur boxing and the EABA Eduard Kusainov, an outspoken Wu critic who complained publicly that Wu still keeps Chowdry's allies in office, was given the boot, though, while Ho Kim, Wu's election manager runs a high office. The world championships 2007 were moved from Moscow to Chicago. Norwegian IOC member Gerhard Heiberg is running a reform commission.

The beginning of reforms have made the IOC release 450.000 of the 9.15 mio.$ that were frozen when the AIBA couldn't be held accountable for its actions before.


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