Wormsloe Plantation

Chemonie Plantation

Chemonie Plantation was a medium sized cotton plantation of 1840 acres (7½ km2) in northern Leon County, Florida, USA established by Hector Braden.


Chemonie Plantion was situated on two separate tracts of land. The first tract was located between Centerville Road and the Monticello Road occupying a large amount of land. The second tract was south and slightly east. It was on the Leon County/Jefferson County line.

Adjacent plantations:

The owners

  • Hector Braden.
  • In 1811, George Noble Jones was born to Noble Wimberly Jones and Sarah (Fenwick) Jones. Jones was from a long line of wealthy colonial men. His forefather, Noble Jones established Wormsloe Plantation near Savannah, Georgia. On May 18, 1840, Noble married Mary Savage Nuttall and purchased Chemonie as well as the Nuttall's El Destino Plantation.

Plantation statistics

The Leon County Florida 1860 Agricultural Census shows that the Chemonie Plantation had the following:

  • Improved Land: 1000 acres (4 km²)
  • Unimproved Land: 840 acres (3 km²)
  • Cash value of plantation: $18,400
  • Cash value of farm implements/machinery: $1300
  • Cash value of farm animals: $2,608
  • Number of slaves: 64
  • Bushels of corn: 5000
  • Bales of cotton: 200

20th century

Around 1945, David S. Ingalls, a director of Pan Am World Airways and publisher of Cincinnati Times-Star with Robert Livingston Ireland, Jr. an executive with M.A. Hanna Company, a coal company, purchased Chemonie Plantation, a quail hunting plantation, which became part of the Ireland-Ingalls ownership, a joint business concern. Aside from quail, Chemonie shared of land in corn production.



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