Worden, John Lorimer

Worden, John Lorimer

Worden, John Lorimer, 1818-97, American naval officer, b. Westchester co., N.Y. Appointed midshipman in 1834, he saw varied service before the Civil War. Worden was captured (Apr., 1861) by the Confederates and held prisoner for seven months. Shortly after his exchange, he assumed command of the new ironclad Monitor. In the famous battle of Monitor and Merrimack, Worden was wounded in the face and temporarily blinded. Later he saw service with the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron (1862-63). Promoted to rear admiral in 1872, Worden was (1869-74) superintendent of Annapolis and commanded (1875-77) the European squadron.
Lorimer may refer to:


  • David Lorimer, a writer, lecturer and editor who is program director of the Scientific and Medical Network
  • George Horace Lorimer (longtime editor of The Saturday Evening Post)
  • Hew Lorimer, (1907–1993) a Scottish sculptor
  • John Henry Lorimer, (1856-1936) a Scottish painter who worked on portraits and genre scenes of everyday life
  • Peter Lorimer, a footballer who was on the Leeds United team of the 1960s and 1970s
  • Robert Lorimer, (1864-1929) a Scottish architect noted for his restoration work on historic houses and castles, and for promotion of the Arts and Crafts style
  • Roddy Lorimer, a Scottish musician who has performed with Blur, Gene, The Rolling Stones, Suede, The Waterboys and Kick Horns
  • William Laughton Lorimer, (1885-1967) a scholar best known for his translation of the New Testament into Lowland Scots
  • William Lorimer, a United States Senator and congressman from the State of Illinois

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