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Park View Primary School

For schools of a similar name, see Park View School.

Park View Primary School is a primary school located at 60, Pasir Ris Drive 1, Singapore. The school was officially opened by Charles Chong, Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris GRC, in 1999. The school has a total of 25 CCAs, about 80 teachers and about 1000 students in total.

About The School

Principal: Mdm Ong Lee Choo
Vice Principal: Mr Chong Wee Ming
School Vision: A knowledge playground where personalized learning is experienced and friendships developed.
School Mission: To nurture our pupils into resilient, innovative and enterprising learners to be the pride of our nation.

  • School Rules
    • We, the pupils of Park View
    • Respect our teachers, elders, friends and others.
    • Observe punctuality
    • Keep the premises clean and tidy.
    • Behave well at all times.
    • Are honest in word and deed.
    • Show care and concern.
    • Are neat and properly attired.
  • Core Values
    • Compassion
    • Loyalty
    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Resillence
  • Facts
    • 7 classes of Pri 1
    • 8 classes of Pri 2
    • 7 classes of Pri 3
    • 7 classes of Pri 4
    • 7 classes of Pri 5
    • 7 classes of Pri 6

There are a total of 47 classes offering 3 Mother Tongue Languages. The school has been functioning as a double session. Currently the P1 & P2 levels function in the afternoon while the other 4 levels are in the morning

  • Area of Focus
    • Academic Excellence
    • Sports Excellence
    • Character Development

Center of Excellence For Sports in the East Zone

Park View Primary School was awarded as the 2nd Center of Excellence For Sports in the East Zone. It held an official launch on May 22 2008. It was officially launched by Mr Teo Ser Luck.

Principal Message

Park View Primary School aims to be a vibrant institution that provides a holistic education for its pupils. Our five strategic thrusts are Academic Excellence, Physical, Aesthetic and Character Development, Strategic Partnership, Innovation and Enterprise and Quality Staff. We aim to nurture our pupils into resilient, innovative and enterprising individuals with a sense of responsibility, integrity, loyalty, compassion and respect to face the challenges in life. We believe that our inspiring teachers, together with our strong partnership with the community, will lead us towards achieving our mission.

Over the five years, the school has focused its effort on providing a holistic education for our pupils. In the area of academic, we aim to nurture our pupils with critical and independent thinking skills, as well as, to ensure that they obtain a rigorous foundation in basic knowledge. Our teachers adopt different teaching strategies to engage pupils in their learning. Pupils are provided with more opportunities for experiential learning as well as space and time for exploration and reflection. Intervention programmes such as peer coaching, buddy reading and writing are organised to help the academically weaker pupils. The school harnesses technologies in its teaching and learning processes. All students go through a structured IT programme. We have also collaborated with St Francis Assisi Primary School of Hong Kong on Project Work using Knowledge Community tools. Since 2003, the Edu-Pal has been set up to provide a platform for teachers to post lessons and prepare worksheets. The school has in the last 5 years, performed well in the PSLE attaining overall percentage passes above the national average.

Our sports programmes, CCAs and Character Development programmes aim to imbue in our pupils the school’s core values of compassion, loyalty, integrity, respect and resilience. The school has developed a niche in Sports. With the aim of imparting important life skills and inspire our pupils to participate in physical activities, the school has embarked on the Sports Excellence Programme and Sports for All Programme. The former identifies pupils who are kinesthetically inclined and channels them for further development in sports. The latter is an organized sports programme that caters to all pupils from primary 1 to 6. This sports programme ranges from inline skating, swimming, and canoeing to abseiling. Our school is one of the 16 primary schools awarded the PSE (Programme for School-Based Excellence) Award in 2005. We have a total of 26 CCAs ranging from Cultural Dance, Guzeng, Wushu and Art Club to Robotics and Entrepreneur Club to cater to the different interests of our pupils.

Our school’s Character Development Programme comprises ‘The Character First Programme’ and the Student Leadership Programme. The ‘Character First Programme’ inculcates in pupils values such as obedience, attentiveness, virtue, generosity and gratefulness. This programme is tied in with the pastoral care programme which aims to equip our pupils with life skills and strengths of character. The Student Leadership Programme provides structured leadership training for prefects and CCA leaders.

The school has a culture that encourages sharing. This sharing culture extends beyond the school. Many of our staff have conducted sharing sessions for parents, fellow teachers, as well as presenting papers at Teachers’ Network, MOE and International Conferences.

Moving forward, we will continue to strive towards building a spirit of innovation and enterprise culture in the school and providing quality school experiences for our pupils.

10th Anniversary

Park View Primary School celebrated its 10th anniversary on the 1 July 2006. It held a Carnival named BlueSky Carnival.


  • Sports and Games
  • Aesthetics
    • Art Club (Changed to Art and Entrepreneur Club 2007,A.C.E Club in 2008 )
    • Chinese Cultural Club
    • Indian Dance
    • Guzheng
    • International Cultural Dance
    • Malay Cultural Club
    • Music & Drama (Stopped in 2007)
  • Uniform Group & Club
    • Brownies
    • IT Club (Changed to Infocomm Club)
    • Entrepreneur Club (Changed to Art and Entrepreneur Club 2007, A.C.E Club in 2008 )
    • Environmental & Comm Care (Changed to Art and Entrepreneur Club 2007, A.C.E Club in 2008 )
    • Robotics Club
    • Library Club

A.C.E Club

A.C.E Club is also knows as Art Community and Environment Care Club It is made up of the following clubs

  • Art Club
  • Entrepreneur Club
  • Environment Club
  • Community Care Club


Year 2007

  • I.T
    • British Council - Climate Change: Top Gold Award and Silver Award

Year 2006

  • I.T
    • Singapore Tourism Board (STB) - Uniquely Singapore National E-Card Competition: 2nd Runner Up Award and Merit Award

  • Sports and Games Competition
    • East Zone Netball Senior Girls 4th
    • East Zone Volleyball Junior Boys 4th
    • East Zone Volleyball Senior Boys 2nd
  • SYF Central Judging
    • National Hockey Senior Girls 4th
    • Indian Dance - Gold Award
    • International Culture Dance - Silver Award
    • Malay Dance - Bronze Award
    • Guzheng - Silver Award

Year 2005

  • Robotics
    • East Zone Robotics Champions

Other Information

  • School Book Shop

 SNP Pacific Book Centre
 Mr Lawrence Seow
 Tel: 6474 0733

  • School Dental Clinic

 Dental Nurse: Nurse Tan
 Opening Days and Hours
 Monday to Friday
 8.00am to 12.00pm
 1.00pm to 4.30pm

 8.00am to 12.30pm

  • School Uniform Supplier

 Joo Lian Garments
 Mrs Koh
 Tel: 6448 8072

  • School Bus Service

 Mr Alan Ng
 Tel: 6295 6988
 Hp: 9008 6988

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