Wolfwatching (London: Faber and Faber, Ltd., 1989) is a book of poems by former English Poet Laureate Ted Hughes, his fourteenth. Its dedication reads "For Hilda," and contains twenty-one poems:

  • "A Sparrow Hawk"
  • "Two Astrological Conundrums"
  • The Fool's Evil Dream
  • Tell
  • "Slump Sundays"
  • "Climbing into Heptonstall"
  • "A Macaw"
  • "Dust As We Are"
  • "Wolfwatching"
  • "Telegraph Wires"
  • "Source"
  • "Sacrifice"
  • "For the Duration"
  • "Anthem for Doomed Youth"
  • "The Black Rhino"
  • "Leaf Mould"
  • "Manchester Skytrain"
  • "Walt"
  • Under High Wood
  • The Atlantic
  • "Take What You Want But Pay For It"
  • "Us He Devours"
  • "Little Whale Song"
  • "On the Reservations"
  • Sitting Bull on Christmas Morning
  • Nightvoice
  • The Ghost Dancer
  • "A Dove"

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  • Hughes, Ted (1998, 2nd printing). Wolfwatching. New York: The Noonday Press. ISBN 0-374-52325-8
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