Wohlgemuth, Michael

Wohlgemuth, Michael

Wohlgemuth, Michael: see Wolgemut, Michael.
Wohlgemut(h) is a German surname.

The word wohlgemut(h) means 'in high spirits'. The first part of this compound is an adverb meaning 'good' (cf. English well), the second part is an adjective meaning 'in (the) mood' or 'moody'. The final h is just (ortho)graphic fashion of the Baroque.

Persons bearing the name


In phonebooks and web directories worldwide, the following varieties of the surname are found:

  • Volgemut (rare, one sample from German phone books; bearer has Spanish christian name)
  • Volgemuts (rare, one sample from German phone books; probably Scandinavian spelling influence)
  • Vulgamott (USA, very phonetic spelling)
  • Walgamotte (USA, seems like a 17th century spelling)
  • Welgemoed (South Africa, adapted to Afrikaans spelling)
  • Wolgamot (USA (WV), effort to spell phonetically)
  • Wohlgemoth (rare, one sample from German phone books)
  • Wohlgemuth (universal, most common form in the German language area; several thousand phone book entries worldwide)
  • Wohlgemut (second frequent form in Germany, with over 50 phone book entries)
  • Wolgamott (USA, effort to spell phonetically)
  • Wolgamuth (USA, mix of phonetical and historical spelling)
  • Wolgemut (only one person in Germany; more frequent in Switzerland)
  • Wolgemuth (rare, only three entries in Germany found; "frequent" in USA (PA))
  • Whoglemuth (one case)
  • Wohglemuth (few cases)
  • Wohgelmuth (few cases)
  • Whogelmuth (one case)

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  • http://www.wohlgemuth.com Directory of Wohlgemuths

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