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Wizards of Waverly Place

Wizards of Waverly Place is a live-action Disney Channel Original Series which premiered on October 12, 2007 on Disney Channel. The series was created by former Hannah Montana writer Todd J. Greenwald, and is produced by It's a Laugh Productions, Inc. and Disney Channel Original Productions.

Wizards of Waverly Place is filmed in front of a live audience, according to "Wizards Backstage", a video from Selena Gomez's YouTube account


The show centers upon Alex Russo, her older brother Justin, and their younger brother Max, and Alex's best friend Harper. The three live with their Italian-American father, Jerry, and their eccentric Mexican-American mother, Theresa. The children can use magic, but according to the premise, only one of the three will keep their magic abilities once they are adults, and this will be determined by a magic competition. Alex often gets into trouble by using magic unsupervised, and learns lessons and morals relating to friends, family, and school.


  • Selena Gomez stars as Alex Russo, a young wizard in training. She is the middle child and the only girl, often overshadowed in school and in wizard training by her brother, Justin. She's spunky, sarcastic, street smart, and quite mischievous (for example, "Do you have $5", "Yeah.. Why?", "Cause, I needed $5"). In some episodes, she is shown as a 'Daddy's Girl.' Often in trouble, she has been grounded many times for using magic without permission. Her best friend is Harper, and the two are constantly fighting the popular bully Gigi (Gertrude) and her copycat crew. She usually keeps her wand in her shoe/sock. Her full name is Alexandra Margarita Russo.
  • David Henrie portrays Justin Russo, the oldest child in the Russo family. He's intelligent, mature, and responsible. He enjoys sports, as he is a fan of the Mets and the Jets. He isn't really popular, though Harper, Alex's best friend, has an obsessive crush on him. He knows more about magic than his younger siblings, taking it very seriously, but he often gets mixed up with Alex's crazy schemes and mishaps.
  • Jake T. Austin portrays Max Russo, the youngest in the family. He doesn't excel in school or Wizard Training, and is usually shown as clueless. He seems to also have a short attention span, often doing unpredictable things and occasionally getting in trouble. However, he can be relied on to think of unorthodox solutions to the unusual problems that can confront a young wizard. In the episode "Graphic Novel" it is shown Max like Gigi for her hair.
  • David DeLuise portrays Jerry Russo, Justin, Alex, and Max's father. He runs the family's sandwich shop and trains the Russo kids in magic. When he was young, he was also a wizard. Jerry won the right to keep his powers by defeating his brother in the wizards' duel, but when he discovered that wizards can't marry mortals, he relinquished his powers to his brother to marry Theresa. He is very strict and overprotective as a magic teacher towards Alex, Justin, and Max, and he doesn't allow them to use magic in public and/or without supervision.
  • Maria Canals Barrera portrays Theresa Russo, Jerry's wife and Justin, Alex, and Max's mother. Although she isn't a wizard, Theresa knows all about the magical world. She helps run the sandwich shop and is very motherly, often treating her children like six year olds, much to their disapproval.
  • Jennifer Stone portrays Harper Finkle, Alex's best friend. She designs her own clothes (usually themed with food). She is hyper and optimistic. She thinks Justin is cute. Alex and Harper do a lot together. In Season 2, it is to be said that she will learn that Justin, Max and Alex have magical powers.

Cast Main Character Appearances in Season 1
Selena Gomez Alex Russo 21
David Henrie Justin Russo 21
Jake T. Austin Max Russo 20
David DeLuise Jerry Russo 18
Maria Canals Barrera Theresa Russo 19
Jennifer Stone Harper Finkle 13



Gomez, Henrie, Austin, Barrera, DeLuise and Stone all had roles in another Disney Channel series or Disney Channel Original Movie. All have been in Disney Channel Original Movies. Gomez will be in Princess Protection Program , Stone and Henrie will be in Dadnapped, Barrera was in Camp Rock, Austin was in Johnny Kapahala: Back On Board and DeLuise will be in Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out? The writers originally struggled with naming the characters; there were originally supposed to be two children: Jordan (later Justin) and Julia (later Brooke, then Alex), but that was changed after Austin was hired.

Recurring characters

  • Amanda Tepe plays numerous characters. She appears as a random character who speaks with a boring drawl. Jobs she has held include department store manager, waitress, frozen yogurt store manager, hotel maitre'd, dog show security guard, the information desk lady at Volcano Land, and the art museum security guard, which was her latest job. At Volcano Land it shows that she may know something about magic herself due to that volcano land is a wizard theme park that only wizards can obtain access to. In the episode, "New Employee", her name tag says Amanda, however in "Art Museum Piece" she is known as Elaine.
  • Gertrude "Gigi" Hollingsworth (Skyler Samuels) is Alex's rival. She has tried to embarrass Alex ever since they were in kindergarten when Gigi's spilled juice on Alex's mat during naptime and said Alex had an "accident". Another one of Gigi's targets is Alex's best friend, Harper. Gigi's invited Harper to her annual tea party with the purpose of crowning her as the biggest loser at the tea. So far she has appeared in the episodes, "Crazy Ten Minute Sale" and "Alex's Choice" and "Graphic Novel".
  • Dean - Dean is Alex's new crush. She has strong feelings for him. He also makes temporary tattoos in the boy's bathroom. Dean is also a bad-boy.
  • Miranda Hampson (Lucy Hale) is Justin's goth girlfriend. She really likes Justin - according to Alex, she "brightens from tragic to just gloomy when they're together" and is Justin's first kiss. Harper believes that the reason Justin is dating Miranda is that Miranda looks very much like her even though they look nothing alike. She is very fond of the color black and hates Corporate America. She has so far appeared in the episodes "First Kiss" and "Pop Me and We Both Go Down". However, in recent episodes, Justin and Miranda seem to have broken up since Justin tries to impress other girls, Kari, by joining the school's baseball team in "The Supernatural", and Millie, an employee at the Sub Station in "Credit Check". She is also the new kid in the episode "Pop Me and We Both Go Down" but in the episode "First Kiss" a boy says he got a note from her in seventh grade saying she likes him.
  • Frankie (Paulie Litt) is Justin's rival. He seems to have a crush on Alex and Harper, and he is often seen scamming Justin. Although he is just a child, Frankie seems to have the personality of an old time Italian gangster. Frankie has a similar personality to Stanley in That's So Raven and Rico in Hannah Montana. They are all short in height, they seem to have a crush on the female main character, and they are seen scamming the brother of the female. He has so far appeared in the episodes "New Employee" and "Curb Your Dragon". In the credits he is referred to as "Joey".
  • Riley (Brian Kubach) is the name of Alex's crush in "I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain" and "The Supernatural" and her boyfriend in "Alex's Spring Fling". He is on the baseball team, and obviously loves Alex just as much as she does him. He appears to be at Alex's level in most school subjects, such as Spanish. He also appears to be one of Justin's friends, and is on the baseball team with him.
  • Zeke (Dan Benson) is Justin's best friend. He is a year older than Justin. He is in the same advanced math class as Justin. He first appears in the episode "Movies". He later appeared in "Report Card" as even though he is not called by his first name. The credits in that episode refer to him as "Friend #1". He was voted Least Boring in school and states that there's a difference from Most Exciting.

Cast Character Season 1 Season 2
Amanda Tepe Various 9 -
Gabie Flowers Girl in the class - 7
Dan Benson Zeke 3 1
Daniel Samonas Dean 0 3
Brian Kubach Riley 3 -
Andy Pessoa Alfred - 2
Skyler Samuels Gigi 2 1
Ian Abercrombie Headmaster Crumbs 3 -
Veronica Sixtos Nellie Rodriguez 3 1
Heather Trzyna Wannabe #1 2 -
Kelsey Sanders Wannabe #2 2 -
Lucy Hale Miranda Hampson 2 -
Paulie Litt Frankie the Answer Man 2 -
Bill Chott Mr. Laritate 2 1
Octavia Spencer Dr. Evilini 2
Jim Wise Mr. Malone 1
Josh Sussman Hugh Normous 2
Bryant Johnson Matt 1
Jack Plotnick Pocket Elf 1
Daryl Sabara T.J. Taylor 1
Malese Jow Ruby Donahue 1
Candace Brown Genie 1
Jeffrey Christopher Todd Jeffrey 1
Matt Smith Manny Kin 1
Sara Paxton Millie 1
Chelsea Staub Kari Langsdorf 1
Julia Duffy Ms. Angela 1
Shane Lyons Brad 1


Season Ep # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 1 21 October 12, 2007 August 31, 2008
Season 2 26 September 12, 2008 2009

DVD releases

Name Included Episodes US Release Date DVD Extras
Wizards of Waverly Place: Wizard School Wizard School Part 1, Wizard School Part 2, Curb Your Dragon, Disenchanted Evening July 29, 2008 Work it like a wizard - Selena, Jake, and David's favorite things to do


iTunes released the pilot episode as a free download on October 5, 2007, and on October 12, 2007 iTunes required it to be purchased. It first aired in Canada on October 26, 2007, airing on Family Channel, and first aired on Disney Channel UK on November 3, 2007. On its premiere night, it received 5.93 million viewers.

The tag lines in advertisements are "They've got the power!", "Three typical teens, where everything is not what it seems" and "Being a teenager can be tricky."

It was one of the many shows affected by the 2007–08 Writers Guild of America strike. Just shortly after the show's premiere, the writing was halted due to the strike. They are currently producing finished scripts of new episodes.

David Henrie has confirmed that he has written an episode for Season 2.


Spell Effect
Edgebono Utoosis The ability to duplicate the user's desired object
Mcreary Timereary The ability to rewind time
Take this girl with the skills of a bench and turn her into a serving wench The ability to transform a server with no skills into a professional waitress
Take this girl who's a great serving wench and give her the back the skills of a bench The ability to transform a professional waitress into a server with no skills
Stop all the racket, I'll wear a jacket Conjures a jacket
Commakus Pancakus Conjures a plate of pancakes
Transportium Nextorbitorium Teleports you to the planet of your choosing
Some people are a gem, some people are a rat, to learn who's who, give me the ear of a bat Gives you a bat's ear
Some are evil, some are kind, but now all must speak their mind Makes people tell the truth
Animoza Espinoza The ability to transform a human being into an animal
Humanoza Espinoza The ability to transform a human being that was previously enchanted into an animal
Murrieta Animata The ability to animate any object the user desires
Garibay Immobilitay The ability to unanimate any object the user had previously enchanted
Levitatus Liquidatus Levitates liquids
We are now not small and teeny weeny, take us inside to see the genie Puts you in a genie's lamp
We are now small and teeny weeny, we are done visiting the genie Takes you out of a genie's lamp
Mailus Spontaneous (Person's name or place) Sends mail to whoever or where ever you want
From your chin to your toes an elephant trunk grows Makes an elephant trunk replace a persons nose
ScreamPolitty NoQuitty Makes people not quit
Tomunanane Kinesis Moves objects
Cerebellum Erasus Erases memory
Cashmearus Appearus Conjures a sweater
Cranium Revolvis turns head
Dehidratus Lugatis Apus Escapus Drains a place and turns all sea chimps back into people
This (person or thing) is now not, a (object or person) should fill its slot Transforms stuff
Gialsjay Timesday Freezes time for as long as you can hop on 1 leg
Murrieta Animata Grande Like murrieta animata but also makes object bigger
(People's names) Cambia Corporum Meum Corpora Sua Nominavi switches the two peoples bodies but must be undone by sunset
Frames of Figures, step out of your pictures Brings a painting out of it's frame
Pictures of faces return to your places (Place + year of where picture taken) Undo's frames of figures step out of your pictures
Go Through Mo Through Makes one object go through another object
Literarium Tararium Teleports you into a book
Bookus Mustardo Turns a book into a jar of mustard (this spell does not actually work; it was chanted by Max as an attempt to hide Alex's journal, but to no prevail).
Seismosaurus Hallorum Makes everything bigger
Threemetrus movietrus Telports you ten feet away

Main settings

The show is primarily set on the Waverly Place street in Manhattan.

  • Waverly Sub Station is the Russo Family's sandwich shop. All three kids work and hang out there. It resembles a typical New York City Subway station.
  • The Magic Lair is where the Russo kids have magic class with their father. Often, the freezer is used as a portal between the Waverly Sub Station, and the Russo home
  • The Loft is where the Russo family lives. It is also connected to the magic lair and the Waverly Sub Station.
  • Waverly Place is outside of the Waverly Sub Station. Mainly, the pedestrian-only alleyway is shot and Waverly Place is only shot on certain occasions like in the episode First Kiss, prior to the crystal ball scene.
  • Tribeca Prep is the school that Justin, Alex, Max, and their friends attend.
  • The Black Cauldron is a magic potion store and is also found at the W.W.W.W.

Theme song

The show's theme song is called "Everything is Not What It Seems", which was written by John Adair and Steve Hampton, who also wrote the theme songs to fellow Disney Channel original series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Phil of the Future. The theme song, performed by series star Selena Gomez, is a techno-pop style theme (the music cues to signal commercial breaks and scene changes, also composed by Hampton and Adair, are styled similarly).

The show is one of five Disney Channel original series to feature a theme song performed by one of its own show's stars: So Weird (whose theme was performed by Mackenzie Phillips), That's So Raven (whose theme song was performed by Raven-Symoné, Anneliese van der Pol and Orlando Brown), Cory in the House (whose theme is performed by Kyle Massey and Maiara Walsh) and Hannah Montana (whose theme is performed by Miley Cyrus) are the only others.


  1. It's All Relative! - You Can't Always Get What You Carpet & Alex In The Middle (July 2008)
  2. Haywire - Crazy Ten Minute Sale & I Almost Drowned In A Chocolate Fountain (July 2008)
  3. Spellbound - New Employee & Alex's Choice (September 2008)
  4. Top Of The Class - Wizard School Part 1 & Wizard School Part 2 (December 2008)
  5. In Your Face - Pop Me and We Both Go Down and First Kiss (March 2009)

Breaks in continuity

In the episode Alex's Choice, when the mother let Justin and Max into the lair, she put the lock on the counter, but when Alex walks in, the lock is on the door. It is possible that as she was hesitant putting the lock on earlier, she later removed the lock offscreen.

In Season 1 Justin's best friend's name is Zack, but in Season 2 his name is Zeke. They may, however, both be his nicknames.

In "Alex in the Middle" it was stated that Justin didn't have any pets, but in the episode, "Curb Your Dragon", the Russo's got a dog/dragon. Also, Alex confessed to Justin that when she was five, she accidentally let Justin's dog out of his cage when she wanted to take him for a walk. However, Justin's childhood dog, the one Alex let out, and the dog/dragon in "Curb Your Dragon" might have been family pets, not just Justin's.

Around the world

Wizards of Waverly Place is broadcast on the following stations around the world:
Region Network(s) Series premiere
United States Disney Channel October 12, 2007
Australia Disney Channel Australia October 19, 2007
Channel 7 October 4, 2008
New Zealand Disney Channel New Zealand October 19, 2007
Canada Family October 26, 2007
United Kingdom Disney Channel UK November 3, 2007
France Disney Channel France January 22, 2008
Italy Disney Channel Italia January 26, 2008
Poland Disney Channel Polska February 29, 2008
Egypt Disney Channel Middle East
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Denmark Disney Channel Scandinavia
Germany Disney Channel Deutschland March 8, 2008
Super RTL September 1, 2008
Hong Kong Disney Channel Asia March 9, 2008
South Korea
Brazil Disney Channel Brazil March 23, 2008 (Advance)
April 11, 2008 (Premiere)
Dominican Republic Latin Disney (North Zone) March 23, 2008 (Advance)
April 14, 2008 (Premiere)
Argentina Latin Disney (Zone South) March 24, 2008 (Advance)
April 11, 2008 (Premiere)
Taiwan Disney Channel Taiwan March 28, 2008
Japan Disney Channel Japan April 18, 2008
Bangladesh Disney Channel India May 5, 2008


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