Witold Chmielecki

Feliks W. Kres

Feliks Wiktor Kres (a pseudonym of Witold Chmielecki, b. 1966 in Łódź) is a popular Polish fantasy writer. He debuted with his short story "Mag" (Mage), submitted to a writing contest of the Fantastyka magazine. Since then, he has published seven novels and dozens of short stories.

He is best known for his two fantasy cycles - Księga całości (The Book of Entirety), which takes place in a world called Szerer, where intelligence, in addition to humans, was given also to cats and vultures, and Piekło i szpada (Hell and épée), dark fantasy set in an alternate 17th century, with demons and beings older than Satan himself. His works have been translated into Czech, Russian and Spanish.

For several years he has been running a guide for young writers in the magazines Fenix, Magia i Miecz, and currently in Science Fiction.


Księga całości

  • Północna granica (2000)
  • Król Bezmiarów (1992, 2000 -wydanie poprawione)
  • Grombelardzka legenda (1992)
  • Pani Dobrego Znaku (2001)
  • Porzucone królestwo (2002)

Piekło i szpada

  • Strażniczka istnień (1993, 2004 - wydanie poprawione)
  • Piekło i szpada (2001)
  • Klejnot i wachlarz (2003)


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