Wing-banded Hornero

Wing-banded Hornero

The Wing-banded Hornero (Furnarius figulus), or the Tail-banded Hornero, is a species of bird in the Furnariidae family, the ovenbirds. It is endemic to Brazil

Its natural habitats include a wide range of wooded habitats, especially near water.


Wing-banded Hornero exists in two ranges, separated by 1000 km, each population representing a subspecies. The largest range occurs in Atlantic northeastern and eastern Brazil, the Northeast Region, Brazil and Caatinga, as well as into continental regions inland, (part of the Cerrado). In recent years, this population has expanded southwards at least as far as São Paulo. The second population ranges upstream in a strip along the Amazon River for about 1700 km as well as southwards to the upstream reaches of the Araguaia River in the adjacent Tocantins-Araguaia River drainage. This southerly strip ranges between two river systems in a strip approximately 2400 km long; the western portion is the downstream half of the Xingu River.


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