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Power Rangers: Ninja Storm

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm (often abbreviated as PRNS and often simply called Ninja Storm) is an incarnation of the Power Rangers franchise, based on the Super Sentai series Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger. This is the first season to be filmed in New Zealand and also the second season to be under the BVS copyright. This series is unique in the fact that it was the first to feature only one female Ranger serving on the team and was the first season to begin the series with three rangers instead of five like the previous seasons.This was the first series to air on the American Broadcasting Company in its entirety.


A skateboarder (Shane Clarke), a surfer (Tori Hanson) and a motocross (Dustin Brooks), are students of the Wind Ninja Academy in the vicinity of Blue Bay Harbor, under the tutelage of Sensei Kanoi Watanabe and his son Cam. Although it seems as if they will never be good enough to be full-fledged ninja, they are the only three left when the evil ninja master, Lothor arrives on Earth and captures all the other students. Their sensei, who was transformed into a guinea pig by Lothor, decided that they would become Wind Power Rangers and gave them Wind Morphers to allow them to transform. As the Wind Rangers, they fought to save the world from Lothor and his space minions, using Zords created by Cam for emergencies.

Over time, they were joined by the Thunder Rangers, Hunter and Blake, as well as Cam, who gained Green Samurai powers in a trip to the past.

The show marked a turning point for the franchise with a willingness to make fun of itself and its history (a theme that would return in "Dino Thunder"). Of special note is that Lothor, instead of the standard melodramatic evil emperor, had a sense of humor and often got lines that sent up the show, by breaking the fourth wall. In the first episode he comments on the fact that he now has opposistion. "Power Rangers? No one told me there would be Power Rangers!" After making a monster grow, he seems to turn to the camera and say, "What'd you expect? It wasn't going to get smaller." In Pork Chopped, after being sent to an area used by Japanese footage, Shane states, "Not another rock quarry!" In the final episode, when piloting a robot against the Zords, he yells, "This is the most fun I've had all season!"

Eventually, the Rangers managed to defeat all of Lothor's minions, unwittingly overloading the Abyss of Evil (to which they were all sent upon their demise). The Wind Rangers were able to stop evil from spreading across the Earth, and sealed Lothor away in the Abyss of Evil... along with their own powers.

Now powerless, Shane, Tori and Dustin became teachers at the rebuilt Wind Ninja Academy, aided by Cam and a newly human Sensei. Hunter took a job as the sensei at the Thunder Ninja Academy while his brother Blake continued his racing career.



Shane Clarke: The Red Wind Ranger; a skateboarder, one of the three Wind Ninja students to survive Lothor's attack. He wielded the power of air. He was portrayed by Pua Magasiva.Tori Hanson: The Blue Wind Ranger; a surfer, she was one of the three Wind Ninja students of her class to survive Lothor's attack. She currently wields the power of water. She was portrayed by Sally Martin.Dustin Brooks: The Yellow Wind Ranger; a motocross biker, he was one of the three Wind Ninja students of his class to survive Lothor's attack. He wielded the power of earth. He was portrayed by Glenn McMillan.Hunter Bradley: The Crimson Thunder Ranger; a motocross biker, he and his brother Blake were the only Thunder Ninja students to survive Lothor's attack. They were originally brainwashed by Lothor into thinking the Wind Ninjas were their enemies. He wielded the power of thunder. He was portrayed by Adam Tuominen.Blake Bradley: The Navy Thunder Ranger; a motocross biker, he and his brother Hunter were the only Thunder Ninja students to survive Lothor's attack. They were originally brainwashed by Lothor into thinking the Wind Ninjas were their enemies. He wielded the power of thunder. He was portrayed by Jorgito Vargas, Jr.Cameron Watanabe: The Green Samurai Ranger; the son of Kanoi Watanabe, head of the Wind Ninja Academy. He originally was behind the scenes of the Ninja Storm operations, until going back in time and retrieving his mother's heirloom that allowed him to morph. He wielded power of the samurai. He was portrayed by Jason Chan.


  • Sensei Kanoi Watanabe: the sensei of the Wind Ninja Academy, turned into a guinea pig by Lothor. At the end of the series, he is transformed back into a human (played and voiced by Grant McFarland).
  • Cyber Cam: A "virtual replicant" of Cam created to monitor things at base when the real Cam is out in the field on Ranger missions. He has a widely different personality than the real Cam and acts like a rapper, wearing skull caps, speaking in urban vernacular (for example, he called Tori as 'Babelicious!'), excelling in adventure sports like skateboarding, surfing, motorbikes, etc. In short, Cyber Cam excelled in all those skills that Cam did not.
  • Kelly Halloway: The owner of "Storm Chargers", the store where the Rangers hang out, while not on duty. Kelly is a good friend with all six Rangers. (played by Megan Nicol)
  • Dino Thunder Power Rangers



  • Wind Morphers: These wrist-mounted devices each contain a Power Disc which, upon calling out "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form!", requires a simple spin to allow the Wind Rangers to morph. The Wind Morphers can also fire laser beams.
  • Thunder Morphers: Modelled after a Rhino and Stag Beetle respectively, these belong to the Thunder Rangers. The Power Discs used to power these morphers are hidden and accessed via the push of a button. The Thunder Ranger duo cry out "Thunder Storm, Ranger Form!" before morphing. (Note: The Thunder Morphers used by Hunter and Blake resemble somewhat of an altered Beetle Bonder from the show, Big Bad Beetleborgs.)
  • Samurai Cyclone Morpher: When needed, the Green Samurai Ranger's morphing device materializes from the Samurai Amulet he wears around his neck, after which he calls "Samurai Storm, Ranger Form!" to access his Ranger powers.
  • Lightning Morpher: The Red Wind Ranger's Wind Morpher transforms into this device when he calls for it, which allows him to activate his Battlizer Armor. The Battlizer Armor was destroyed by Lothor in the finale.
  • Ninja Sword: Standard Wind Ranger weapon. The swords are later upgraded with stronger blades to allow greater attack power.
  • Laser Blaster: A rifle that the Wind Rangers can use simply by sheathing their Ninja Swords and pulling the sword's handle downward.
  • Thunder Staff: The standard Thunder Ranger weapon can become the Thunder Shield or Tornado Star throwing weapon, as well as extend to a full-length staff.
  • Thunderstorm Cannon: The combination of the Wind Rangers' Storm Striker and the Thunder Rangers' Thunder Blaster. According to Super Sentai continuity, the Thunderstorm Cannon can Combine with the Z-Rex Blaster (from Power Rangers: Dino Thunder). This combination would more than likely be called the Z-Rex Thunderstorm.
    • Storm Striker: A cannon formed by combining the Wind Rangers' weapons. Its finishing attack varies depending on which of the three weapons was placed in front.
      • Hawk Blaster: Red Wind Ranger's personal weapon. When the trigger is pressed, a powerful turbine revs up to allow powerful shots.
      • Lion Hammer: Yellow Wind Ranger's personal weapon, capable of causing tremors when it strikes the ground.
      • Sonic Fin: Blue Wind Ranger's personal weapon, able to use sound waves to lift the enemy of their feet, or make them cringe in pain.
    • Thunder Blaster: Blaster formed by combining the Navy Antler and Crimson Blaster.
      • Crimson Blaster: Crimson Thunder Ranger's rapid-fire blaster.
      • Navy Antler: Navy Thunder Ranger's personal weapon can electrify targets upon catching them, and can also be attached to a Thunder Staff.
  • Samurai Saber: The Green Samurai Ranger's weapon can amplify his voice as well as remotely access Ninja Ops.
  • Lightning Riff Blaster: Guitar-based weapon that summons the Mighty Mammoth Zord. Initially used by the Green Samurai Ranger and later by other Rangers.
  • Thunder Blade: A special weapon given to Blake by his Thunder Academy Sensei. He spent time training with it under the guidance of a Thunder Academy graduate before revealing it in battle.
  • Ninja Gliders: Aerial transports for the Wind Rangers, summoned by pressing their belt buckles.
  • Ninja Glider Cycle: The Crimson Thunder Ranger's personal transport is the result of his powers being imprinted into a motorcycle, which appears to be a combination of his Tsunami Cycle and Ninja Glider.
  • Tsunami Cycles: Sleek motorcycles initially used by the Wind Rangers. The Thunder Rangers eventually receive their own Tsunami Cycles as well, created from stolen blueprints.
  • Dragonforce Vehicle: The Green Ranger's personal transport is powered by the Gem of Lost Souls. It can switch between a flame-spewing Serpent Mode or a compact mode armed with powerful drills.
  • Mobile Command Center: An 18-Wheeler truck that houses the Tsunami Cycles.

**The term "Hurricane Morpher" was used in the show once in the first episode where the Battlizer was first used, and was never called that again, it was simply referred to as the Battlizer in the series. The "Hurricane Morpher" was known as The "Lightning Morpher" which was the name given to the toy released by Bandai in the U.S.


The Zords in Power Rangers: Ninja Storm were mechanical animals piloted by the Wind and Thunder Rangers. The Samurai Star was piloted by the Green Samurai Ranger, and could transform from a helicopter mode to a Megazord Mode. The Mighty Mammothzord was found by Cam under the city and is controlled by Lightning Riff Blaster.

  • Hurricane Megazord (combination of the Storm, Thunder & Samurai Star Megazords)
    • Samurai Star Chopper/Megazord, piloted by Cam as the Green Samurai Ranger
    • Thunderstorm Megazord (combination of the Storm & Thunder Megazords)
      • Storm MegazordStorm Megazord Lightning Mode (combination of the Ninjazords)
        • Hawkzord, piloted by Shane as the Red Wind Ranger
        • Lionzord, piloted by Dustin as the Yellow Wind Ranger
        • Dolphinzord, piloted by Tori as the Blue Wind Ranger
      • Thunder Megazord (combination of the Thunderzords)
        • Crimson Insectizord, driven by Hunter as the Crimson Thunder Ranger
        • Navy Beetlezord, driven by Blake as the Navy Thunder Ranger
  • Mighty Mammothzord

Power Spheres

  1. Serpent Sword, summoned by Shane, Dustin, and Tori.
  2. Ram Hammer, summoned by Dustin
  3. Turtle Mace, summoned by Tori
  4. Spin Blade, summoned by Hunter
  5. Lion Laser, summoned by Dustin
  6. Squid Drill, summoned by Tori
  7. Thunderstorm Megazord Helmet - Torso of Minizord, summoned by Shane
  8. Thunderstorm Megazord Hands - Legs of Minizord, summoned by Hunter
  9. Ninja Scarf, summoned by Shane
  10. Bee Spinner, summoned by Cam
  11. Sting Blaster, summoned by Blake
  12. Spider Catcher, summoned by Cam
  13. Super Stamp, summoned by Shane
  14. Star Blazer, summoned by Tori
  15. Hurricane Megazord Head Decorations - Tail Feathers of Ninja Firebird, summoned by Cam
  16. Hurricane Megazord Helmet - Head of Ninja Firebird, summoned by Shane
  17. Hurricane Megazord Hands - Wings of Ninja Firebird, summoned by Hunter


# Airdate Episode Title
1 2003-02-15 "Prelude to a Storm"
2 2003-02-15 "There's No 'I' In Team"
3 2003-02-22 "Beauty and the Beach"
4 2003-03-01 "Looming Thunder"
5 2003-03-08 "Thunder Strangers, Part I"
6 2003-03-15 "Thunder Strangers, Part II"
7 2003-03-22 "Thunder Strangers, Part III"
8 2003-03-29 "Nowhere to Grow"
9 2003-04-12 "Return of Thunder, Part I"
10 2003-04-19 "Return of Thunder, Part II"
11 2003-04-26 "Return of Thunder, Part III"
12 2003-05-03 "Return of Thunder, Part IV"
13 2003-05-10 "Boxing Bopp-a-Roo"
14 2003-05-17 "Pork Chopped"
15 2003-05-24 "The Samurai's Journey, Part I"
16 2003-05-31 "The Samurai's Journey, Part II"
17 2003-06-07 "The Samurai's Journey, Part III"
18 2003-06-14 "Scent of a Ranger"
19 2003-06-21 "I Love Lothor"
20 2003-06-28 "Good Will Hunter"
21 2003-07-05 "All About Beevil"
22 2003-07-26 "Sensei Switcheroo"
23 2003-08-02 "Tongue and Cheek"
24 2003-08-02 "Brothers In Arms"
25 2003-08-09 "Shane's Karma, Part I"
26 2003-08-09 "Shane's Karma, Part II"
27 2003-08-16 "Shimazu Returns, Part I"
28 2003-08-23 "Shimazu Returns, Part II"
29 2003-09-20 "Snip It, Snip It Good"
30 2003-09-20 "The Wild Wipeout"
31 2003-09-27 "Double-Edged Blake"
32 2003-09-27 "Eye of the Storm"
33 2003-10-04 "General Deception, Part I"
34 2003-10-04 "General Deception, Part II"
35 2003-10-18 "A Gem of a Day"
36 2003-10-18 "Down and Dirty"
37 2003-11-15 "Storm Before the Calm, Part I"
38 2003-11-15 "Storm Before the Calm, Part II"

DVD Release

The complete series has been released in Germany across 11 Volumes. Each volume containing 1 disc, with the exception of Volumes 9-11 which were packaged together as a 3-disc set. Each disc includes the original English audio.

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