Wind Jackal

Wind Jackal

Wind Jackal is a fictional character of Paul Stewart's The Edge Chronicles.

Character biography

The origins of Wind Jackal (also called Orlis Verginix) are unknown, but he was captain of a Sky Pirate ship, "The Galerider" for at least two years. In the first chronological book, "Cloud Wolf" he and his crew (including his son, Quint), aid an attack on the leages vessel, The Great Sky Whale in an attempt to free the slaves on board. Quint and a few other pirates are captured, and Wind Jackal rescues them, freeing the bellow-slaves on their escape. The ship's flight rock cools, and it hurtles into the air. In the closing chapter, Wind Jackal gives Quint a sky Pirate name, Cloud Wolf.

In the next book, The Curse of the Gloamglozer, Wind Jackal leaves Quint on the floating city of Sanctaphrax,to assist his old friend Linius Pallitax.When Linius dies several months later in the next book, The Winter Knights Quint joins the Knight's Academy to become a Knight academic, chasing storms in search of the precious substance, Stormphrax. At the end of the book, Wind Jackal rejoins Quint and begins a search for the murderer of his family and sworn nemesis, Turbot Smeal. During the book Clash of the Sky Galleons, almost all of Wind Jackal's crewmembers die, until only he, Quint, Tem Barkwater,Maris Pallitax and Spillins remain of the original crew. He tracks Turbot Smeal to an abandoned sky-wreck, where he has a duel with Turbot Smeal, who is in fact his crewmember Thaw Daggerslash. Thaw kills Wind Jackal, then tells Quint that he was killed by Turbot Smeal. Quint does not discover the true events until Thaw reveals them in his last words.


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