Wind It Up (Gwen Stefani song)


Wind'It is a wind power implantation concept, developed by the French design office Elioth with the architects team Encore Heureux.


Wind'It's principle is simple : using electricity pylons to host wind turbines. Those wind turbines would be plugged within the structure of the pylon. Though, another system is intended: a new electricity pylon holding a wind driven power unit has been designed.


There are many assets in this principle :

  • This system allows the use of wind power without having to install huge infrastructures. It is the main problem with classical wind power projects : disfiguring landscapes and generating noise pollution.
  • This concept gives value to the electricity pylons, confering them double purpose.
  • Integrating the wind turbines into the pylons is a way to get a renewable energy directly connected to the existing network, thus eliminating the storage/connection issues.
  • Using the existing network, spread all over the territory, the project spreads the production. Indeed, it is really rare that wind power is low all around the country, which allows a constant minimal production, and reduce the use of reactive production. Once again, one of the classical wind power issues is resolved.

Predicted production

According to the first simulations, outfitting one third of the pylons in France would result in the production of 15 tWh (15 billions kWh) a year.

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