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Wiltz (Wolz) is a commune with city status in north-western Luxembourg, capital of the canton Wiltz. Wiltz is situated on the banks of the river Wiltz. It was also a battleground in the Battle of the Bulge, near the end of World War II. A local airfield was used by both sides of the conflict, depending on the location of the Front.

As of 2005, the town of Wiltz, which lies in the south of the commune, has a population of 4,567. Other towns within the commune include Weidingen.

Wiltz is a major centre for the international scouting movement. There are many scout campsites and buildings surrounding the town. The International Scouting One Penny Monument, dedicated to Robert Baden-Powell, is located in Wiltz.

The Festival of Wiltz, a music and performing arts festival, takes place every summer.

Nearby Wiltz, on a hill overlooking the town, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima is the site of an annual pilgrimage on Ascension Day. In particular it attracts many of the Portuguese people who form a sizable proportion of the population of Luxembourg.


One of the main features of the town is the castle of the former Counts of Wiltz. This castle, which is situated on of lawns and gardens, contains hundreds of rooms. It was completed in 1727, and the final Count died in 1793. It served as a private girls school from 1851 until 1950, and became a retirement home after that. Plans are in place to make it into a museum.

During World War II, Wiltz was at the center of intensive battles between Allied and German forces in 1944. Previously, in 1942, a general strike had been initiated in Wiltz, that spread throughout the country, and remains one of the proudest moments of Luxembourg national history. These events took their toll on the Wiltz population, and Wiltz was named Martyr Town after the war. A monument representing a lighthouse was erected to commemorate the victims of the repression following the 1942 General Strike.

Town Centre

Wiltz has a quiet town centre. There is an outdoor musical hall with bands and classical musical shows held typically every fortnight. Looking out from the hill on the music hall one will see the largest waterpark in the locality, located around 20 km away. A local multi-carriage tourist "road-train" takes visitors around the village and its suroundings on the hour. There is also an international soccer training pitch. In the heart of Wiltz there is plenty to see with a second world war tank parked in the main plaza. One of the most popular nights out is the summer rave held 10 km in the wilderness. A local farm has been transformed into a pub and rave club, this is a favourite night out for scout units (male and female).

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