Wild Style (film)

Wild America (film)

Wild America is a 1997 adventure-comedy, directed by William Dear and written by David Michael Wieger, it stars Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Devon Sawa, Frances Fisher, Jamey Sheridan, and Scott Bairstow.


Three boys, in an effort to make more money and pursue their dreams set off into the wild to film a nature documentary, with a big focus on grizzly bears. After many comical mishaps the brothers finally come together and learn the importance of family and how to work as a team and create a hit documentary, gaining recognition in their town. The characters in this film were based on the Stouffer brothers who made the Wild America television show. The original Stouffer brothers have cameos in the film as three "uncredited" ruffians (in the scene where the boys are driving to snow country).



  • Marty went on to produce the acclaimed series "Wild America".
  • Mark became an Emmy award winner and one of the foremost wildlife filmmakers in the world.
  • Wildlife documentary from the 1982 TV series by the real Marty Stouffer accompanies the credits.

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