Wil Ohmsford

Wil Ohmsford

Wil Ohmsford is a fictional character from the Shannara series by Terry Brooks, appearing in two novels: The Elfstones of Shannara and The Wishsong of Shannara. He is the grandson of Shea Ohmsford and the grand-nephew of Flick Ohmsford.


Due to the loss of his parents at an early age to fever, Wil set out to become a Healer. Much to the dismay of his uncle Flick, Wil chose to study with the Stors, the legendary Gnome Healers who were the best in the Four Lands.

Wil spent several years in Storlock, learning the language and the art of Healing from the Stors. His life changed when Allanon, the legendary Druid who had been thought dead for fifty years, appeared in Storlock heavily wounded. After healing, Allanon asked for Wil's help; as the Ellcrys, sacred tree of the Elven people, was dying--and so was the Forbidding, the alternate universe that the Demons of the old world had been sent to. In order to send the Demons back where they belonged, it was necessary for the Amberle to carry the seed of the Ellcrys to the Bloodfire so the tree could be reborn.

However, the Demons were aware of Amberle, and she would need magical protection to survive. Allanon had to remain to aid the Elves, and so the only one who could help her was Wil, armed with the Elfstones given to his grandfather by Allanon. However, during his quest, Wil discovered resistance to the power of the Elfstones. After successfully using them once, Wil sensed an unpleasant change within himself. Unbeknownst to him, he created a psychological block that prevented him from using the Elfstones. He was later able to break through it, destroying the Demon known as the Reaper. Wil then suffered a terrible loss. Amberle, whom he had developed feelings for, had become the new Ellcrys, losing her body and her individuality in the process. After recovering from the long journey, Wil eventually married Eretria, a Rover girl who had helped him on his quest and whom he also had developed feelings for.

Although Wil is only one-eighth Elf, his Elven features are prominent enough that he is mistaken for a full Elf multiple times in the book and can pass for Amberle's brother.

The effects of the Elfstones on Wil became known with the birth of his children, Brin Ohmsford and Jair Ohmsford. Part of the Elven magic was transferred to the two siblings, manifesting itself in the form of the wishsong.

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