Whitfield, Kent

Whitfield, Kent

Whitfield is an ancient village and civil parish in the English county of Kent. It has a modern counterpart in the large settlement located at the junction of the A2 and A256 roads, some four miles (6.4km) north of Dover, of which that part of Whitfield has become a suburb.

The village itself (Church Whitfield) can claim ancient roots in that evidence of both Roman and Saxon settlements have been unearthed. The village church, dedicated to St Peter, has two Saxon windows, and the bell is from the 13th century, or earlier. The modern Whitfield began to appear when the more affluent citizens of Dover built their homes here, alongside what was to become the A2 trunk road which bypassed the village. Modern (post-WWII) development enlarged the new village, and in 2005 the government proposed a maximum of 9,900 new homes to be built on greenfield sites around the village, doubling its size. The Whitfield Action Group was set up to oppose any large scale developments while accepting natural growth.

Whitfield has, as amenities, two public housess, the 'Royal Oak' and 'The Archer'; the private members' Whitfield Club; and the Ramada Dover Hotel. There is also a village hall with library, doctors surgery, and the local post office. A branch of McDonalds is on the A2 road .

The village has two schools, both catering for special educational needs: primary and secondary. Whitfield and Aspen School (primary); and Archers Court Maths and Computing College.

In view of its site on the periphery of a town such as Dover, and because of its strategic position on the A2/A256 junction, Whitfield is of importance to businesses. The huge White Cliffs Business Park, covering 272 acres (110 ha) is located at Whitfield and is described as attracting “… household names and a raft of companies with international pedigrees“.


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