White Father

Fore Father

[fawr-fah-ther, fohr-]

"Fore Father" is an episode from the second season of the FOX animated series Family Guy. It is the 28th episode of Family Guy and the final episode of season two.

Plot summary

When Lois asks the family to help her with spring cleaning, Peter attempts to clean the house with a hose. This method ends up breaking things in the house. Because of this, Lois tells Peter to go somewhere else. He decides to go camping with Joe and Cleveland. While camping, Peter leaves Chris to guard the food supplies while he goes fishing with his friends. Upon returning, Chris reports that raccoons have stolen the food. After being chastized by Joe for not raising Chris properly, Peter gets Chris a job at the local golf driving range so that he will learn responsibility. Chris, however, gets pushed aside when Peter accepts a challenge to mould Cleveland's Hyperactive son into a famous golfer. This leads to Chris hanging out with Quagmire.

Meanwhile, Stewie uses Brian's books to create papier-mâché replicas of the houseboat from the 1960s campy detective show Surfside 6 and the fort from the post-Civil War-era sitcom F Troop, another 1960s show. Lois brings Brian some of Peter's books, which include Mr. T by Mr. T, an autobiography of The A-Team star; T and Me by George Peppard, an actor who co-starred with Mr. T on The A-Team and For the Last Time, I'm Not Mr. T by Ving Rhames, an African American actor with a physique like that of Mr. T (with the exception of Mr. T by Mr. T, all of these books are fictitious).

As revenge against Stewie, Brian leads Stewie to believe the vaccine shots he received are some kind of mind control after he begins to have an unforeseen reaction. Stewie begins to suspect Lois of deliberately making him ill. When encouraging himself to fight his perceived illness, Stewie tells himself "do not go gentle into that good night". He first attributes the quote to singer-songwriter Bob Dylan but then corrects himself; it was written by poet Dylan Thomas.

When Meg asks why Stewie is freaking out, Lois explained that he is having hallucinations from the fever, just like one time when Meg accidentally ate "adult" brownies (presumably containing drugs) that Lois was saving for a Doobie Brothers concert.

Cleveland Jr. is about to win a tournament when he kicks a golf ball. He runs off, shouting "I'm Pelé!" At the end, Peter and Chris make up by hitting golf balls in the wrong direction.


The beginning where the family watches Little House on the Prairie (with the entire family playing pranks on their blind daughter) is cut from the FOX version, but appears on the Adult Swim and DVD version.

Cultural references

  • Quagmire's license plate reading "Bushman" is a reference to the Seinfeld episode where Kramer is accidentally given a license plate that reads "Assman".
  • When Cleveland Jr. plays with a stick he says "I'm Daniel Boone", an American pioneer. When the stick breaks in half he says "I'm Pat Boone. Gonna have a Christmas special with Andy Williams". Pat Boone and Andy Williams are both pop singers who reached their commercial peaks in the 1950s.
  • When Peter suggests the world may have been created just for him, a cutaway shows Christof, who controlled the artificial world of the 1998 film The Truman Show.
  • Peter calls part of the evening "the magic hour; the day's not quite gone, the night's not quite here and somewhere Scott Baio is plowing a woman he doesn't love". This is a reference to the Happy Days actor's multiple, short-term relationships.
  • When Peter prompts Joe to be Chris' father (and then Cleveland), the Great Prince of the Forest from the movie Bambi walks in and offers fatherhood, but is soon shot by hunters.
  • When Peter says "Freeze Frame" and he breaks the fourth wall, it is a reference to Saved by the Bell. The main character, Zack Morris, had the same ability. At the end of the aside, he urges the viewer to leave, as he is going to "do stuff" to Lois while she is frozen.
  • A cutaway parodies the 1960s campy science fiction series Lost in Space, mocking the ways in which the father and leader of the expedition sends his children off with strange characters on dangerous missions.
  • Peter uses perfume from Calvin Klein to lure Cleveland Jr. He and Paddy then recite a phrase stated in a Calvin Klein commercial.
  • Cleveland Jr. sings a jingle for Honeycomb breakfast cereal.
  • Peter asks Cleveland Jr. to call him Mr. Drummond, a character from the 1980s sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, who adopted two African-American children. He later asks Jr. to call him Mr. Papadopoulios, the adopted white father of an African-American child on another 1980s show, Webster.
  • Paddy has a secret tunnel "like on Hogan's Heroes", referring to the secret escape hatch of the characters on the 1960s POW camp sitcom.
  • The beach scene featuring Chris and Quagmire parodies the clothing, music and nonsensical catch phrases of 1960s Beach Party films aimed at teenagers.
  • Quagmire asks |"Are we in Tiananmen? Because I see a square!". This puns on the Tiananmen, the Beijing plaza that was the site of a famous 1989 crackdown on political dissent, and the use of the term square for an uncool person.
  • The strip club in this episode is called "The Fuzzy Clam", which is a euphemism for a woman's genitalia.


  • The First Person Shot of the Griffin House at the beginning of the episode shows the Dormer windows on the roof closer together than previously on the show. From then on they were shown close together rather than spaced farther apart from before.
  • The Evil Monkey in Chris' closet makes his second appearance in this episode, albeit with slightly shorter arms. His first was in "Dammit Janet!".
  • Quagmire's foot fetish is revealed in this episode.
  • Tom Tucker was the only newsreader on this episode, organizing a golf contract for Peter & Cleveland Jr.
  • This marks the first of several appearances of Paddy Danninger the Caddy Manager, who would go on to make several cameo appearances while reciting his catch phrase, "Big whoop, wanna fight about it?" until "Hell Comes to Quahog", where he is run over and killed by Stewie and Brian in a tank.
  • In the final scene, we learn that while Peter is right-handed, Chris is left-handed.


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