White Eagles (paramilitary)

White Eagles (paramilitary)

For the other Serbian military group named White Eagles, see White Eagles (anticommunist). For other uses, see White Eagles.

The White Eagles or Beli Orlovi (Serbian Cyrillic: Бели Орлови) (1991-1995) were a Serbian paramilitary group associated with the Serbian National Renewal and the Serbian Radical Party . This association has been denied by SRS leader Vojislav Šešelj. The White Eagles fought in Croatia and the Bosnian conflict.

Although the group's members were occasionally referred to as Chetniks, they are not to be confused with the Serbian anticommunist guerilla group during and after World War II also known as the White Eagles and also referred to as Chetniks.

White Eagle refers to the national symbol of Serbia, the double headed white eagle under a crown. The name White Eagles comes from an anti-communist organization that was formed during World War II and continued a guerilla war against Tito’s government after the war.

The new White Eagles were formed in 1991-1992 by Dragoslav Bokan and Mirko Jović. Šešelj states that the group was started by Jović but they got out of his control. Testimony at the International War Crimes Tribunal indicates that the White Eagles were responsible for a number of atrocity during the Croatian and Bosnian wars, including: the Voćin massacre, Višegrad massacre, crimes at Foča, Gacko and others. Various members of the White Eagles were indicted by the Tribunal, including Milan Lukić and Mitar Vasiljević.

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