White Mountains

White Mountains

White Mountains, part of the Appalachian system, N N.H. and SW Maine, rising to 6,288 ft (1,917 m) at Mt. Washington in the Presidential Range and to 5,249 ft (1,600 m) at Mt. Lafayette in the Franconia Mountains. Crawford Notch separates these two main groups. Formed in the latter part of the Paleozoic era, the White Mts. are remnants of a much higher mountain mass. They are composed chiefly of granite and have been extensively glaciated. Much of the mountain area, c.1,200 sq mi (3,110 sq km), is included in White Mountain National Forest. Nationally noted for their varied and beautiful scenery, the White Mts. have long been one of the most popular year-round resort areas in the country.

Segment of the Appalachian Mountains. It extends 87 mi (140 km) across north-central New Hampshire and into western Maine. Containing the highest elevations in the northeastern U.S., its loftiest peaks, mostly 5,000–6,000 ft (1,500–1,800 m) high, occur in a series of summits that are named for U.S. presidents and make up the Presidential Range. The highest point is Mount Washington. Most of the White Mountains lie within the White Mountain National Forest. It is a popular summer and winter resort area.

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White Mountains is a national park in Queensland (Australia), 1156 km northwest of Brisbane.

Fact sheet

  • Area: 1080.00 km²
  • Coordinates:
  • Date of establishment: 1990
  • Managing authorities: Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
  • IUCN category: II

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