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Where’s Waldo? Magazine

Where's Waldo? Magazine was a short-lived magazine published quarterly by Welsh Publishing Group, Inc in 1992 and 1993. The magazine was based on the Where's Waldo? franchise and characters. Only two issues were produced.

The basic subscription price was $7.80 (US) per year ($1.95 per issue).

Issue 1

Premiere Issue! (Winter 1992)

  • Greetings From Waldo (pg. 1)

A few words from Waldo about the new magazine.

  • Wizard Whitebeard's Wisdom (pg. 4-5)

The wacky Wizard presents the hottest new sland and some awesome tricks for you to try!

  • Waldo News! (pg. 6)

Check out the latest Waldo stuff, including ties, books and more.

The creator of Waldo and his friends steps into the spotling in this exclusive interview.

  • Wily Writing & Tricky Talking (pg. 12-13)

Here are three ways you and your friends can communicate without letting anyone in on the secret.

  • Waldo's Cane Journey (pg. 14-15)

Blast off for Space City with Waldo and meet a hungry, two-headed jogger!

  • Where's Waldo? Magazine Collector's Pullout (pg. 16-17)

Waldo and the gang are featured in this special group portrait.

  • WoofTales (pg. 18-19)

What happens when Woof meets "The Monster in the Dark?" Read this comic story to find out.

  • Draw Waldo (pg. 20-21)

With simple shapes and just the right stripes, these instructions will help you create your own Waldo pictures.

  • Waldo Hall of Fame (pg. 23-25)

Waldo takes an up-close look at two famous explorers: Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus.

  • A-Walking We Will Go (pg. 27-29)

Hiking is more than great exercise - it's also a terrific way to see the world. Here are the basics of long distance walking.

  • Monster Movie Matinee (pg. 30-31)

Join Wenda at the Bijou Theater for the round-up of classic creature features.

  • Stop! It's Not Over Yet! (pg. 32)

Just when you think you've reached the end of this issue, you can go back and find the items on Waldo's list.

Issue 2

Spring 1993

  • Greetings From Waldo (pg. 1)

A few words from Waldo.

  • In this Issue (pg. 3)

Table of contents for the issue.

  • Whitebeard's Wisdom (pg. 4-5)

The Wiz reveals a game for car trips, how to make a saxophone from straw, and more great tips and fun facts!

  • The Great Waldo Round-Up (pg. 6-7)

Fans are wild about Waldo and they've sent in stacks of fan-tastic drawing and photos!

  • Waldo Hall of Fame (pg. 8-11)

Waldo welcomes world famous wanderers David Livingstone and Margaret Mead to his hall of fame.

  • The Waldo Way to Travel (pg. 12-15)

Ever ride in an electric car? Or a train that doesn't touch its tracks? These are just a couple of the incredible ways we might be getting around in the future. Check them out!

  • Where's Waldo? Magazine Collector's Pullout (pg. 16-17)

Waldo and the gang are featured in this special group portrait.

  • Waldo's Cane Journey (pg. 18-19)

Take a magic carpet ride to Lampsmania and meet the carpet driver of the stars.

  • A Martin Handford Sketchbook (pg. 20-23)

A special fallery of drawings that Waldo's creator did when he was a kid.

  • WoofTales (pg. 24-25)

Woof Saves the day - sort of - when he rescues Waldo from a mysterious castle.

  • Canine Confusion! (pg. 26)

Help Woof reach Waldo and Wenda in this wild maze game.

  • Let's Take A Trip! (pg. 27)

If there''s one thing Wenda loves, it's traveling. Help her find traveling words in this word search.

  • Waldo Wonders About Philately (pg. 28-30)

Stamps can take you around the world without leaving your home.

  • Keys to the Castle (pg. 31)

Help Odlaw find the 10 hidden keys hidden somewhere in this picture.

  • Stop! It's Not Over Yet! (pg. 32)

Go back and find the items on Waldo's list.

Publication Credits

Publisher: Donald E. Welsh
VP/Editoral Director: Katy Dobbs
Design Director: Pegi Goodman
Editor: Adam Philips

Art Director: Jim Iucci
Copy Editor: Robin Bromley
Editorial Assistant: Christine Sokoloski
Vice President/Adversiting: Myles Grossman
Advertising Director: Jacob Hill
Account Managers: Charlotte DeFuria & Scott Morehouse (issue 1) / Glenn Maiorano & Matthew Redd (issue 2)
Marketing Manager: Andrea E. Wilson
West Coast Advertising Managers: , Jackie Neumeier & Debra Allsopp
Vice President/Associate Publisher: Samuel O. J. Spivy

(c) Martin Handford/Where's Waldo? Inc. 1992 & 1993
Printed in the USA
Where's Waldo? Magazine
P.O. Box 7560
Red Oak, IA 51591
Welsh Publishing Group, Inc.
300 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017

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