Western Junior B

Mid-Western Junior Hockey League

Mid-Western Junior Hockey League
Head Office Cambridge, Ontario
Operated 1973-2007

The Mid-Western Junior Hockey League was a junior ice hockey league in Ontario, Canada, sanctioned by the Ontario Hockey Association from 1973 until 2007. As of 2007, the league has become a division of the newly formed Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League. For the 2007-08 season, the MWJHL, with the Western Ontario Hockey League and Golden Horseshoe Junior Hockey League, will operate as three divisional leagues in one league with separate but cooperative governing bodies. In 2008, all three league will be dissolved and become divisions in the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League under one governing body. In essence, this will by the MWJHL's final season.

Southwestern Junior "B" Hockey League 1973 - 1974
Waterloo-Wellington Junior "B" Hockey League 1974 - 1977
Mid-Western Junior "B" Hockey League 1977 - 2007


The Mid-Western "B" was known as the Waterloo-Wellington Junior "B" Hockey League until 1977 when it donned its current name. Before 1974, the league was known as the Southwestern Junior "B" Hockey League for one season. The league was founded in 1973, taking aboard Kitchener Ranger Bs, Waterloo Siskins from the Western Jr. B league, and expansion teams the Caledonia Corvairs and Brantford Diamond Kings. A year later the Stratford Warriors joined the Waterloo-Wellington league, along with the Preston Raiders, Hespeller Shamrocks and Elmira Sugar Kings.

As there is little information about the league pre-1977, it is easy to say that the Mid-Western "B" was easily dominated by the Stratford Cullitons and the Waterloo Siskins for the first fourteen years of its current existence. Stratford won 8 championships in the league's early years, with Waterloo close behind with 6, but all other charter members were left without glory until the Kitchener Dutchmen won their first championship in 1992. Since then, the Cullitons have won 5 league championships and the Siskins have won only once, making way for other teams like the Elmira Sugar Kings, the Dutchmen, and the Cambridge Winterhawks.

In 2007, the MWJHL merged with the Western Ontario Hockey League and the Golden Horseshoe Junior Hockey League to create the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League.

2007-08 Season

For information on the 2007-08 season, please see: Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League.

Final teams

These are the teams that were in the league during its final independent season (2006-07).

Other former members

Cherrey Cup Playoff Champions

  • 2007 Cambridge Winterhawks
  • 2006 Cambridge Winterhawks
  • 2005 Listowel Cyclones
  • 2004 Stratford Cullitons
  • 2003 Stratford Cullitons
  • 2002 Elmira Sugar Kings
  • 2001 Elmira Sugar Kings
  • 2000 Cambridge Winterhawks
  • 1999 Stratford Cullitons
  • 1998 Elmira Sugar Kings
  • 1997 Elmira Sugar Kings
  • 1996 Stratford Cullitons
  • 1995 Stratford Cullitons
  • 1994 Waterloo Siskins
  • 1993 Kitchener Dutchmen
  • 1992 Kitchener Dutchmen
  • 1991 Waterloo Siskins
  • 1990 Stratford Cullitons
  • 1989 Waterloo Siskins
  • 1988 Waterloo Siskins
  • 1987 Stratford Cullitons
  • 1986 Stratford Cullitons
  • 1985 Waterloo Siskins
  • 1984 Waterloo Siskins
  • 1983 Stratford Cullitons
  • 1982 Stratford Cullitons
  • 1981 Stratford Cullitons
  • 1980 Waterloo Siskins
  • 1979 Stratford Cullitons
  • 1978 Stratford Cullitons

Pre Mid-Western Era

  • 1977 Stratford Cullitons
  • 1976 Waterloo Siskins
  • 1975 Waterloo Siskins
  • 1974 Elmira Sugar Kings


Taken from league 25th Anniversary Program.

  • Best record: 1985-86 Stratford Cullitons (36-3-1)
  • Worst record: 1997-98 Ohsweken Golden Eagles (0-47-1)
  • Largest margin of victory: Waterloo Siskins 23 - Listowel Cyclones 3 on December 11, 1983
  • Most goals, one season: Jason Mervyn (79) -- 1991-92 Stratford Cullitons
  • Most assists, one season: Dan Haylow (98) -- 1989-90 Owen Sound Greys
  • Most points, one season: Erik Anderson (145) -- 1996-97 Stratford Cullitons
  • Most goals, career: Ron White (163) -- 143 games with the Stratford Cullitons
  • Most assists, career: Jamie Hartnett (212) -- 188 games with Stratford Cullitons
  • Most points, career: Jamie Hartnett (371) -- 188 games with Stratford Cullitons
  • Most penalty minutes, season: Chris Brine (398) -- 1993-94 Cambridge Winterhawks
  • Lowest goals against average, one season: Greg Dreveny (1.96) -- 1988-89 Waterloo Siskins
  • Most shutouts, one season: Matt Barnes (6) -- 1993-94 Stratford Cullitons

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