Werewolf Skin

Werewolf Skin

Werewolf Skin was R.L. Stine's 60th Goosebumps book.

Plot Summary

A boy named Alex Hunter, a photographer, goes to stay with his Aunt Marta and Uncle Colin in a small town named Wolf Creek. Being from the city, he is eager to take photos of the tree Marta and Colin warn him of the next door neighbors, the Marlings, who seem to be an angry, old couple who hate everyone. Alex is also introduced to Hannah Brackett. In the days leading up to Halloween, Alex learns that the town is obsessed with werewolves and even believes in them.

Several times at night, Alex goes out to take photos, and spots what he believes to be two large dogs. Marta and Colin later receive angry phone calls from the Marlings. Despite Marta and Colin claiming that the Marlings own big dogs, Hannah says that they do not.

One night, while out trying to photograph the werewolves, Alex realizes with a shock that the werewolves aren't the Marlings; instead, they're actually his own aunt and uncle.

Alex realizes that during the day, his aunt and uncle hide their "werewolf skins" (which are needed to turn into werewolves) in the Marlings' house. Along with Hannah, Alex conspires to hide the werewolf skins on Halloween by wearing them and hiding amongst the trick-or-treaters.

When it comes to the night, their plan backfires as Marta and Colin chase them, but at the peak of the full moon, the curse is lifted and they no longer need to wear the skins each night.

Alex and Hannah decide that they will hide the skins in hopes that no one else will find them. In the Marlings' house, Alex notices a third skin. When questioning Hannah, the only other resident, where the third skin come from, she announces that she is also a werewolf. Hannah attacks Alex, but his fate remains undetermined. In the televison episode she is revealed to be a werewolf because of a photograph Alex took.


All dressed up And no place to howl!

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