Werewolf (disambiguation)

Werewolf (disambiguation)

A werewolf (Werwolf) is a person who changes into a wolf in mythology.

Werewolf, Werwolf, or Wehrwolf may also refer to:

  • Hypertrichosis, a condition sometimes called werewolf syndrome
  • Wehrwolf, one of Hitler's Führer Headquarters, 1942 to 1943 in Winnica (Ukraine)
  • Werwolf, a Nazi plan at the end of World War II for partisan resistance groups against the Allies
  • The Wolfsangel symbol is sometimes called Werewolf in the context of its Nazi or Neo-Nazi use
  • The Kamov Ka-50, a Russian military attack helicopter, is sometimes called "Werewolf"

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In computing:

  • Werewolf, an announced codename for Fedora 8 release

In military:

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