Wellmsher Foundation Primary School

Cheung Chi Cheong Memorial Primary School

Hong Kong Cheung Shi Clansmen's Association Cheung Chi Cheong Memorial Primary School (Chinese: 香港張氏宗親總會張熾昌紀念小學), known as Cheung Chi Cheong Memorial Primary School (張熾昌紀念小學) in short, is a primary school in Cheung Ching Estate on the Tsing Yi Island, Hong Kong. The school was formerly known as Wellwisher Foundation Primary School (衞理信小學).


The school was founded in 1978 by the Wellwisher Foundation. It was originally divided into morning and afternoon school. Between 1992 and 1994, the school was in transition to a whole day school. In 1995, the school was taken over by the Hong Kong Cheung Shi Clansmen's Association. On September 1, 1997 the school was renamed to the present name, in memory of a founding member of the school, Cheung Chi Cheong, who died in May 1996. In 2003, all members of the school, including pupils, teachers, principal and directors, joined the Scout Association of Hong Kong and made scouting activities part of their daily curriculum. It was the first school of its kind in Hong Kong.


With ever decreasing birth rate in Hong Kong, the primary school was destinated to close after summer 2006. All the pupils were transferred to the TWGHs Chow Yin Sum Primary School.

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