Wei, dynasty of China: see Three Kingdoms.
Wei, river, c.450 mi (720 km) long, rising in SE Gansu prov. and flowing E through Gansu and Shaanxi provs. to the Huang He. Its wide, alluvial valley was the site of some of the earliest centers of Chinese civilization (such as the Chou dynasty, 1027-256 B.C.) and is now the agricultural and population center of Shaanxi prov. Cotton, wheat, millet, and fruits are extensively grown.

The term Wei may refer to:



  • Wei Zhongxian, considered by many to be the most infamous eunuch in Chinese history. Orginal name was Li Jinzhong.
  • Wei Jingsheng, a Chinese dissident
  • Wei Qing, a general of the Western Han Dynasty
  • Lady Wei Shuo, calligrapher
  • Wei Yan, a military officer of Shu during the Three Kingdoms Period
  • Shang Yang, Qin minister, originally known as Wei Yang
  • Wei Zheng, a statesman of the Tang Dynasty
  • Wei Qiuyue, a Chinese volleyball player

  • Wei Chen, a Canadian television and radio journalist
  • Zhao Wei, a Chinese film actress and pop singer, sometimes referred to by her English name, Vicki Zhao
  • a common misspelling of Michelle Wie, golfer


The acronym WEI may also refer to:

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