Webconverger is a Debian based Linux live operating system designed to be used solely for accessing web applications. It can be run from various media like CD, USB flash drive or Compact Flash card, version 3.4 also introduced an install to hard drive option. Webconverger is available in two main editions - mini and maxi. Webconverger is an open source project and has its own public git repository. Webconverger is pre-compiled to run on any x86 hardware so far. It does not have high system requirements and will also run on older machines.



The Webconverger mini is a minimalistic browser-only system. It runs the Iceweasel web browser with a Firefox add-on that locks the browser to a simple operation mode. The browser runs in full screen mode with all menus, toolbars, key commands and right button menus disabled. The edition contains Adobe Flash support and PDF viewing by default and has a pre-set automatic network address detection by DHCP. An automatic update feature on bootup is enabled by default too. The mini edition is available for download as ISO and USB images.


The maxi edition contains the mini edition plus extensive internationalization support for additional languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK).

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