The Weatherpixie is a web graphic that shows a representation of the current weather derived from a METAR report gathered in one of 6000 locations around the world. A customisable avatar represents what to wear behind a backdrop indicating weather conditions, daylight and current moon phase. Text below the graphic indicates air temperature, relative humidity, collection time, wind velocity and atmospheric pressure, respectively.

The METAR generating the pictured Weatherpixie is EGLL 270750Z 23006KT 200V260 9999 FEW025 BKN070 16/12 Q1017 NOSIG.

Weatherpixies were created by Tamsin Bowles, a web developer and server-side programmer in London, in 2002. Its website provides free code to put weatherpixies in web pages, weblogs, in a computer's screen using Active Desktop or Konfabulator, and so forth.

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