Waynflete Professorship

Waynflete Professorship

Magdalen College, Oxford endows four professorial fellowships named in honour of the college founder William of Waynflete, who had a great interest in science. These professorships are called collectively the Waynflete Professorships, and are statutory professorships of the University of Oxford.

The oldest professorship is the Waynflete Professor of Metaphysical Philosophy.

The three science professorships were created following the recommendation of the University Commission in 1857 and in recognition of William of Waynflete's lifetime support of science. The professorships are the Waynflete Professor of Chemistry, the Waynflete Professor of Physiology, and the Waynflete Professor of Pure Mathematics.

Waynflete Professors of Metaphysical Philosophy

The Waynflete Professorship is one of five statutory professorships in philosophy, the other four being the Wykeham Professorship in Logic, the White’s Professorship of Moral Philosophy, the Wilde Professorship in Mental Philosophy, as well as the untitled professorship in Ancient Philosophy.

Currently incomplete

Waynflete Professors of Chemistry

The four heads of the Dyson Perrins Laboratory were four consecutive Waynflete Professors of Chemistry, from its foundation in 1916 as the University's research centre for organic chemistry to its retirement in 2003.

  1. B.C. Brodie Jnr, from establishment in 1865 to 1872;
  2. William Odling, from 1872 to 1912;
  3. William Henry Perkin, Jr., from 1912 to 1930. First head of Dyson Perrins Laboratory;
  4. Sir Robert Robinson, from 1930 to 1954. Nobel prize winner, 1947;
  5. Sir Ewart Jones, from 1954 to 1978;
  6. Sir Jack Baldwin, from 1978 to 2005. Last head of Dyson Perrins Laboratory;
  7. Stephen G. Davies, current holder, current Chairman of Chemistry.

Waynflete Professors of Physiology

Waynflete Professors of Pure Mathematics

There have been five professors in this chair, the sixth being appointed in October 2006.

  1. Edwin Bailey Elliott, from establishment in 1892 to 1921;
  2. Arthur Lee Dixon, 1922 to 1945;
  3. John Henry Constantine Whitehead, from 1947 to 1960;
  4. Graham Higman, 1960 to 1984;
  5. Daniel Quillen, 1984 to 2006 (Fields medallist, 1978);
  6. Raphaël Rouquier, from 2007.

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