Waterstone Musical Instruments

Waterstone Musical Instruments

Waterstone Musical Instruments (or sometimes referred to as Waterstone Guitars) is a United States guitar company that produces electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. Its founder is Dr. Robert Singer, a Nashville neurosurgeon who grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. In 2002 after his medical career was well established, Dr. Singer founded Waterstone Musical Instruments LLC. Waterstone has quickly established itself as a unique company building high-quality non-typical instruments. Much of their product line consists of 50's and 60's vintage retro styling using hollow-body and "semi" hollow-body designs.

One aspect of increasing the recognition of the Waterstone name is artist endorsements. Among the players who’ve embraced Waterstone products are Cheap Trick bassist Tom Petersson, who even has his own signature series 12-string bass guitar (the Waterstone TP-12) which he helped design, and which Bass Guitar magazine declared, “has it all.” Other artists now endorsing Waterstone instruments include the Jam and the Cocteau Twins. Georg Holm, bassist for the ethereal Icelandic band, Sigur Rós, uses a Waterstone bass during the band’s live performances.

Before the guitar company was started, Dr Singer already had an impressive vintage guitar collection. With encouragement from a friend, Dr. Matt Eichen, a Philadelphia-based oral surgeon who also designed guitars, Waterstone Musical Instruments was born. The initial prototypes were built in the U.S. and overseas. All production instruments are produced in Korea then shipped to the U.S. for inspection and professional set-up. The company name Waterstone, is normally a type of Japanese sharpening stone. The Waterstone guitar company however was actually named after the street that Dr. Singer lived on.
Waterstone Guitars is based out of Nashville Tennessee.

Waterstone Musical Instruments can be found online at waterstoneguitars.com.

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