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The Lost City of Faar

The Lost City of Faar is the second book in the Pendragon series by D. J. MacHale. Imagine a world covered entirely by water. People live on immense, floating cities and grow food on the sea floor. It's an idyllic world until Saint Dane unleashes a deadly poison. To save the territory, Bobby battles pirates on the surface and killer sharks below, all in hopes of finding salvation on a legendary underwater city called Faar.

Plot introduction

Most of the book took place on the territory called Cloral, a planet that is entirely covered by water. The inhabitants of Cloral live on giant floating cities. The main city in this book is called Grallion. Grallion is responsible for growing food for Cloral. A territory called Zadaa is also visited. The floating cities are boats. Pendragon goes searching for a mythical place called Faar.

Plot summary

After discovering that Bobby's parents are gone, he and Uncle Press leave behind the place where Bobby's house used to be, leaving on another adventure. Uncle Press drives his car to an abandoned subway station, the location of the nearest flume. They step up to the door marked with a star and shout "Cloral!" As Bobby makes his way through the flume, Uncle Press reminds him of the Cannonball.

As soon as Bobby gets to the end of the flume, he realizes what his uncle meant. As he land waist-deep in water, he is reminded of a water slide called the Cannonball. Uncle Press soon joins him.

With enthusiasm, Press exclaims that this is his favorite territory. Press puts on the Cloral clothes, which are wet suits. He then puts on an air globe, which molds into the shape of his head. He can now breathe underwater.

Uncle Press sends bait out into the water to attract the quigs away from them. Quigs are guardians of flumes for Saint Dane. They are different for each Territory. On Cloral, they are large, voracious sharks. As bait, Press attaches fruit to a water sled used to propel people through the water. Then they set off into the ocean.

En route to Grallion, Bobby and Press are joined by a native; a reckless, jolly, athletic traffic officer called Vo Spader. Spader leads them to Grallion, where they assume identities as fruit harvesters. As such, they become friendly and learned with all Clorans.

Saint Dane's threat to Cloral is a poison; a mutation of the fertilizer that agronomers have been developing. It claims the life of Spader's father. Press and Bobby help Spader realize that he is a Traveler, and they search for the mythical city of Faar, which may be able to provide an antidote for the poison. The city has been underwater for generations, but their leaders decide to "transpire", or come to the surface, to save Cloral.

In the aftermath of the victory, Spader tries to get revenge on Saint Dane, a reckless act that leads to Press's death by gangsters from First Earth. After Press' funeral, Bobby and Spader Travel to First Earth, setting the stage for The Never War.

Characters in "The Lost City of Faar"

  • Bobby Pendragon - Bobby is a boy from Connecticut. He was the best basketball player in his school, but right before the state semi-finals, while he was kissing Courtney Chetwynde, Uncle Press took him to Denduron. He has had a crush on Courtney since the 4th grade and she on him. His best friend is Mark Dimond. After a while his journey led him through many dangerous missions. In the fourth book,(The Reality Bug) he found out that he was known as the 'Lead traveler' to the other Travelers.
  • Saint Dane/Zy Roder/Po Nassi - Saint Dane is an evil Traveler that wants to destroy Halla, so he can remake it how he wants it and rule as the leader of Halla. All he needs is one territory, he says, and the other Territories will be like dominoes, falling after the first. He usually changes his name and appearance in order to pass unnoticed by the Travelers. In this book, he goes by the name Zy Roder, a pirate, and tries to attack Grallion. Also another disguise is Po nassi, an agronomer who pushed Ty Manoo to create the fertilizer that turns crops poisonous. His plan in this book is to find and destroy Faar so they can't send out haulers that turn the crops unpoisonous.
  • Press Tilton - Press Tilton (or Uncle Press) is Robert "Bobby" Pendragon's uncle. In "The Merchant of Death", he told Bobby he was a Traveler and started him on his adventure. He dies in this book.
  • Vo Spader - Spader is the Traveler from Cloral. He is an enthusiastic teen and is also the head Aquaneer of the Grallion. His father died because of a fertilizer that poisoned the food in some of Cloral. Saint Dane turned out to be behind the fertilizer and now Spader needs to learn to control his anger in order to defeat Saint Dane.
  • Wu Yenza - Spader's boss, a good-looking middle-aged woman who later becomes Spader's acolyte.
  • Ty manoo - The creator of the fertilizer that turns crops poisonous. The fertilizer was supposed to speed up crop growth but made them turn deadly.

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