Wassup Rockers

Wassup Rockers

Wassup Rockers was a film directed by Larry Clark released in 2005.


Wassup Rockers is about a group of Mexican-American teenagers in South Central Los Angeles who, instead of conforming to the hip hop culture of their gang infested neighborhood, wear tight pants, listen to punk rock,and ride skateboards. Avoiding the violence of their dangerous home turf is an everyday challenge.

The Rockers decide to travel by bus to skate the world famous "Nine Stairs" at Beverly Hills High School. There they meet some local girls, attracted to the "punks" from the ghetto, but the day quickly goes bad as they're hassled by rich boys from the neighborhood and rousted by the Beverly Hills Police. Trying to escape arrest by the cops and fights with the local kids, the Rockers run from house to house and yard to yard in this wealthy and foreign world, looking for a way to get home.

Critical response

Film critic Roger Ebert gave Wassup Rockers a "thumbs up" rating on the June 25, 2006 broadcast of the television show Ebert & Roeper. But his co-host, Richard Roeper, gave the movie a "thumbs (way) down", emphasizing Larry Clark's apparent fascination with shirtless, adolescent males. Roeper argued, "When a colleague told me I was about to see a new film from Larry Clark, the director of Bully and Kids, I said, 'I wonder how many scenes will pass before we get shirtless teenage boys?' That's one of Clark's rather disturbing obsessions."


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