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St. John's Institution, Kuala Lumpur

St John's Institution (Malay: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan St John) is a premier secondary school for boys (sixth form is co-ed) and one of the oldest schools in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The school is widely known as SJI and the students of St John's Institution bear the name Johannians.

SJI is famous for its high achievement in academic, sports and other activities for secondary school level in Malaysia. It is considered one of the best non-residential schools in Malaysia. The school is named after Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers Order and also known as the Patron Saint of Teachers.

SJI formerly consisted of two primary schools and a secondary school. The primary and secondary schools initially functioned together until the increase in enrolment of pupils led to a separation in 1960. The primary schools are formally known in Malay today as Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan St John (1) and Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan St John (2) while the secondary school is called Sekolah Menengah St John.

The La Sallian Brothers and the Board of Trustees still hold much autonomy over management of the secondary school compared to the Malaysian Ministry of Education. This has allowed the secondary school to maintain a certain amount of prestige. Though the school land is owned by the Roman Catholic church (including St. John's Cathedral, Kuala Lumpur which is next to the school), much of the school funding is received from the Government of Malaysia.

Recently, SJI was named as one of the 'cluster school' of excellence by the Malaysian Ministry of Education, which will be given autonomy in administration and adequate funding to excel in specialised fields (academic, sports and extracurricular activities) of choice.

Site and Architecture

The main school building is located in Jalan Bukit Nanas, in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, next to the Bukit Nanas forest reserve, giving it a lush surrounding. St John's Primary Schools are located across the road from the main school building while the Convent Bukit Nanas, an Infant Jesus Sisters' school for the girls, the AIG building and the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur are located further down the road. The Fatima Kindergarten (housed in what is Kuala Lumpur's oldest catholic church and now converted into a community service centre) and the Roman Catholic St John's Cathedral are located on the road leading up to SJI.

The school is famous for its imposing red and white-brick main building with Grecian-Spanish influences. It is gazetted as a National Heritage Building by the Government of Malaysia.


In the last 100 years, thousands of boys and girls from all walks of life ranging from royalties to children of prime ministers, politicians, civil servants and ordinary citizens were schooled at St John's. The student composition has always been multi-ethnic and multi-religious and English has been the most common language used in the school throughout the years.

St. John's Institution is a boys school, with the exception of the sixth form which is co-educational. Girls (collectively known as the Eagirls) are enrolled in the lower and upper sixth forms in addition to boys. This has been the norm in Malaysian boys secondary schools. The school has continually produced pupils who have gone on to make names for themselves in various fields worldwide.

The school has a distinction for being one of the very few schools in Malaysia which enrols visually impaired students. As part of their curriculum, the visually challenged students attend normal classes with the rest of the students. The school has a resource room for visually impaired students which is attended by specially trained teachers and a club comprising of a large group of students who volunteer their time to assist their visually impaired school mates.


The school has traditionally been headed by the brother of the La Sallian order, with a Brother Director (like a headmaster) and a Brother Supervisor (like a deputy headmaster). In recent years, the Brother Supervisor was replaced with two assistant principals, who are not in the La Sallian order.

Former Brother Directors are:

Name Took Office Left Office Comments
Bro. Julian Francis 1904
Bro. James Gilbert 1904 1910
Bro. Adrian 1911 1913
Bro. Marcian Cullen 1914 1915
Bro. Claude Marie Guibert 1916 1922
Bro. Barnitus 1922 1923
Bro. Stephen Edward Buckley 1923 1924
Bro. Louis 1925 1930 erected the statue of Saint John Baptist de La Salle
Bro. Cornelius Nulty 1930 1946 Longest serving Brother Director
Bro. Amor Matthias 1946 1948
Bro. Dositheus Joseph Brophy 1948 1954
Bro. Tiberius Lawrence Spitzig 1955 1961 Bro. Lawrence wrote SJI's famous School Rally and introduced many improvement projects to the school during his two terms
Bro. Celestine 1958
Bro. Ignatius 1962
Bro. Joseph McNally 1963 1967 Bro. Joseph, an accomplished artiste and sculptor, designed the present school badge and introduced many beautiful sculptures and murals to the school. Some of his works are still standing today. He went on to establish the LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore in 1984
Bro. Basilian Wong 1967 1968
Bro. Joseph Yeoh 1969 1978
Bro. Tiberius Lawrence Spitzig 1979 1983 Bro. Lawrence wrote SJI's famous School Rally and introduced many improvement projects to the school during his two terms
Bro. Cassian Pappu 1983 1988
Bro. Michael Wong 1989 2002

The names of the five sports houses in the secondary school are derived from the previous Brother Directors: D. Joseph, Cornelius, Gilbert, Claude and Stephen.

The headship of the school has since passed on to the laity and the present principal is Peter Yii Sing Chiu, who became the first non-brother and non-Catholic to head the school in 2002. He is currently assisted by three senior assistants and an afternoon supervisor as follows:

  • Senior Assistant (1) : Dr Puvanendran a/l Maruthavanar
  • Senior Assistant of Students' Affairs : Puan Hajah Najibah
  • Senior Assistant of Co-curicular Activities : Encik Goh Chee Chiang
  • Afternoon Supervisor : Puan Lim Wai Leng

Brothers who have served as headmasters of the primary school when it was split from the secondary school include Brother Patrick Arokiasamy, Brother Alban Tang and Brother Matthew Liew.



  • At the request of the Education Department and the then Bishop of Malacca, Mgr. Fee, the La Sallian Brothers opened a school in Kuala Lumpur. According to records, it started with an initial enrolment of 18 boys.
  • Three days before classes were to commence on January 18, three Brothers arrived to take charge of the school – Brother Julian Francis from Hong Kong, Brother Andrew Corsini from Burma and Brother Cyril Alexander from Penang.
  • The school building was a two-storey wooden structure, 80 feet long and 20 feet wide, with a brick pillar and a verandah facing the north.
  • Later in the year, Brother James Gilbert arrived from Singapore to take the place of Brother Julian Francis as Brother Director of SJI.


  • On 2 January 1905, a Standard 7 was set up and entrusted to Brother Cyril Alexander.
  • With this new set-up, expansion was needed. So Father Renard lent to the school the house of the Chinese Catechist which was capable of holding one class and also an attap shed near the site.


  • In June 1906, Brother Imier of Jesus, Provincial Visitor of the United States paid a visit to SJI. He later became Superior General in 1913.
  • More classes were opened and accommodated on temporary structures.
  • Finally the government provided a piece of land given to the mission for religious and educational purposes.
  • 3 November 1906, the foundation stone for the new building was laid by Sir Conway Belfield, Resident Councilor for Selangor.


  • On August 10, the new building was completed and declared open by the High Commissioner and Governor, Sir John Anderson.
  • At the end of the year, the building was used for the Cambridge Examination for all the candidates of Kuala Lumpur.


  • The Brothers’ Building was enlarged by the addition of two new wings which were to house the chapel and offices and the Juniorate and Novitiate.
  • Brother Marcian Cullen was appointed Director of the newly formed Juniorate.


  • A Cadet Corps was formed followed shortly by a Scout Troop.


  • Brother Stephen Edward Buckley (Director from 1923 – 1924) demolished the Brothers’ Building and replaced it with the present one, to which additions were made later.


  • Brother Louis (director of 1925-1930) installed a statue of Jean Baptist De La Salle on the front facade of the Main Block.


  • Brother Cornelius Nulty served as Brother Director from 1930 to 1946 and under his energetic management, many projects were brought to a successful conclusion.
  • Brother Cornelius enlarged the playground, a project that was started by Brother Louis. He then turned his attention to the building of the hall which was finally completed in 1936 with the provision for two more storeys in the future.
  • Brother Cornelius next built a new wing on the east side of the Brothers’ Building, which became the Boarding Department (now De La Salle Institute)

1942 – 1945

  • During World War II, SJI was closed but crowds of refugees flocked to Brother Cornelius for help and stayed in the school for security. When the war ended and peace returned, these refugees organized a scholarship fund to express gratitude to Brother Cornelius and to perpetuate his memory.


  • Brother D. Joseph Brophy established La Salle Sentul, La Salle Brickfields, La Salle Peel Road and La Salle Klang, which were intended as feeder schools for St John’s.
  • In SJI, he renovated the school hall as well as built a new cafeteria, space staff room and offices. A modern library was furnished and equipped and an extensive P.A. system was installed.


  • On April 15, the first issue of the Term Review was on sale. The Term Review was the predecessor to the current Editorial Board of The Garudamas, the school magazine.


  • In the Golden Jubilee year, Brother D. Joseph achieved his final objective – the completion of the field extension.


  • Brother Tiberius Lawrence Spitzig became Brother Director of SJI (1955 – 1961).
  • The Dramatic Society staged its second play, ‘Twelfth Night’, and the newly formed school orchestra made its first public appearance at the play’s public performance in the hall. Brother Celestine (later, Brother Director) was responsible for the success of the play.


  • Brother Lawrence renovated the school and added 14 classrooms at a cost of M$90,000


  • General Sir Francis Festing, Commander-in-Chief of the Far East visited SJI.


  • In accordance with a new government directive, a Board of Governors for the school was set up and the first meeting was held on September 24. In the primary section, the Board of Managers held its first meeting on March 13.


  • His Excellency Mgr John Gordon, Charge d’Affaires of the Apostolic Delegation of Thailand and Malaya visited SJI on January 27.
  • Construction of the St John’s Primary School began on the site of the Old Boys’ Club. The building could accommodate 24 classes and would cost M$220,000


  • On September 16, St John’s Primary School was officially opened by Brother Fintan Blake.
  • The new chapel on the middle floor of SJI was officially opened and used on October 19.


  • The present school badge (designed by Brother Joseph McNally) was used, replacing the old badge by Brother Cornelius Nulty.


  • The Form 5 Block (or Arts Block) was officiated by the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Mgr. Dominic Vendargon on the 22nd of August 1965.


  • The primary school hall, dewan Tun Dr. Ismail was completed.


  • Bro. Joseph Yeoh, a former Johannian returned to become the Brother Director. He was the first Malaysian to head the school. It was during his leadership that SJI achieved its glory years in academics and sports excellence.


  • Awards Day was introduced by Brother Joseph Yeoh to appreciate the achievements made by the students of SJI.


  • Brother Lawrence Spitzig returned as director of the school and presided over the school's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Bro. Lawrence re-introduced the annual English and Bahasa Malaysia public speaking competition to the school. Public speaking became part of the English and Bahasa Malaysia curriculum and was compulsory for all students, resulting in SJI having many enabled and proficient public speakers amongst the students.


  • To kick off the 80th Anniversary of the founding of the school, Carnival Day and several projects were introduced to raise funds for the construction of a four-storey building adjacent to the science block to accommodate the lower and upper sixth form classes. This is the beginning of a series of fund raising projects initiated to upgrade the school and its facilities. Over the years, St John's has been blessed with generous contributions from its generations of former students and benefactors.


  • The new Form 6 Block was built and named Bangunan Tan Sri Dominic Vendargon.


  • The sports complex comprising of a badminton hall, 3 squash courts and concourse was officiated by Bro. David Liao on the 18th of January 1994.


  • Bro. Michael Wong, the last Brother Director of SJI retired, marking the end of the Brothers' directorship in SJI for 98 years.


  • Mr. Peter Yii, the present lay principal was appointed to head SJI.

The La Sallian Heritage

As St John's was founded by the La Sallian Brothers, it is related to many other La Sallian schools located all over Malaysia and around the world. These schools call each other brother schools and the La Sallian Heritage which binds them together.

Most of the La Salle schools in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Klang were set up by Brother D. Joseph Brophy and were originally feeder schools for SJI but eventually grew to be respectable schools of their own.

For other La Salle Schools in Malaysia, please see La Sallian Educational Institutions in Malaysia. For La Sallian schools around the world, refer to Lasallian educational institutions.


The traditional uniform was a white shirt, white trousers with a green tie (similar to the uniform of St Joseph's Insitutition in Singapore). In the 1970s, the federal government imposed national school uniforms as opposed to uniforms distinct to each school. Therefore, Johannians wear the common olive green long trousers and white shirt as found in other secondary schools in Malaysia.

But the green tie which is a symbol of the institution stayed. The lower All the upper secondary students (Form 1 - 6) wear the distinct green tie with stripes and school emblem.

The Councillor Prefects, had changed to "The Board of Prefectorial"(as the prefectorial board is known) have a special uniform of black trousers, white shirt and black blazer.


Compulsory subjects

Certain subjects are made compulsory for students. These are:

Elective subjects

Science stream

  • Additional Mathematics / Matematik Tambahan
  • Physics / Fizik
  • Chemistry / Kimia
  • Biology / Biologi
  • EST - English for Science and Technology

Commerce Stream

  • Additional Mathematics / Matematik Tambahan
  • English Science for technology-Est
  • Principles of Accountancy / Prinsip Akaun

Art Stream

Additional Subjects

Uniformed Bodies

Some of the school uniformed bodies are the St John's Cadet Corps (Pasukan Kadet Bersatu Malaysia), St John's Cadet Band, St John Ambulance, Eagle Scout Group, Red Crescent Society, Police Cadets, and Kadet Remaja Sekolah. Martial arts are also included in this category. They are the Taekwondo Club, Karate club, Silat Gayung Club & Kendo Club.

Principal Mr Peter Yii has made a rule that all students must wear the uniforms of their uniformed body on Wednesdays.

8th Bukit Bintang KL Eagle Scout Group

The 8th Bukit Bintang KL Eagle Scout Group was established in 1963.

St John's Institution Cadet Corps

The St John's Institution Cadet Corps was established in 1915,also known as the first cadet in Malaya. It is the oldest cadet in this school formed by Lt. Eric Chart. It was under the command of the British Military Somerset Light Infantry during the colonial days. The Cadet Corps conducts ALL SCHOOL FUNCTION. The Cadet Corps also performed the cadet EXPO with the help of the cadet band. Today Cadet Corps was under the command of the Military Police based at Pulapot,Camp Genting Kelang, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. The Non-Commissioned Officers for SJCC 2009 are:

NCO Committee Board

First-In-Command/Disciplinary Officer: Sergeant Mohd Rashdan
Second-In-Command/Quartermaster: Corporal Prem Anand
Third-In-Command/Cadet's affairs officer: Corporal Amirzaim
Fourth-In-Command/Honorary secretary: Corporal Mohd Fakhurrazi
Treasurer Officer: L/Corporal Noor Shahhir
Recruit Officer/Cleanliness officer: L/corporal Ahmad Nasril
Asst. Parade Commander:(A)L/corporal Amirun
Asst. Cadet's Affairs Officer:(A)L/corporal Karthik
Asst. Recruit Off:(A)L/corpral Taufik Awaluddin

Lead the Merdeka Parade at Merdeka Square (1996)
Organize the Expo (1988,1990,1993,1995,1998)
Champions in the marching competition (1996,1997,1999,2001,2004,2005)
Champions overall PKBM camp (1996,1998,2004)

List of First-in-Commands
PWI Zulkarnain (1990)
PWI Chan Poh Meng (1991)
PWI Syaridan (1992)
PWI Faizad b. Othman (1993)
PWI Azril Azmil (1994)
PWI Mohd Ayes (1995)
PWI Shahrizan Amani (1996)
Lt. Muda Ed Aziz (1997)
PWI Mohd Hafeez (1998)
PWI Afihan Abd Rahman (1999)
PWI Afifi Mat Saman (2000)
PWI Abdul Hafiz (2001)
PWI Ahmad Qamar (2002)
PWI Adam Shazni (2003)
PWI Mohd Iman (2004)
PWI Ahmad Najmie (2005)
PWI Mohd Jazlan (2006)
PWI Mohd Haikal (2007)
PWI Idzham Azimi (2008)

St John's Institution Cadet Band

The St John's Institution Cadet Band was formed in 1916 and is an institution by itself. The Cadet Band is also one of the few bands in Malaysia which include bagpipes in its ensemble.

In 2005 the St John's Institution Cadet Band Alumni was registered as an alumni body representing ex-band members. Today the members continues their passion through the formation of the Alumni Band, mainly Pipe and Drums, performing at private functions.

The SJI Cadet Band is one of the oldest local marching bands. They have won a lot of competitions and have been entering a huge numbers of performances in the past. The Non-Commsiioner Ofiicers of SJICB 2008 are :-

First-In-Command : Sergeant Jasmin
Second-In-Command : (A)Sergeant Wan Hizri
Third-In-Command : Corporal Razlan
Forth-In-Command : L/Corporal Arizan Rahman

St.John's Institution Cadet Band Bagpipe Section

In 1972, the St. John Institution’s Cadet Band has expanded to 65 band members (main band) by introducing the bagpipe section. The founder of this section is Captain Bernard Boudville with the support of Bro. Lawrence Spitzig. In very short range of time, this section has made its appearance if front of live audiences on 1st February 1974 for the Federal Day Parade, thus flourish the name of the school and the band. This band is also the only band that represented “Wilayah Persekutuan” to parade at the Penang Fest from the year 1976 till 1981.

The uniform of this section is similar to other band members but with the add of tartan plaid or tartan cape to give a touch of Scottish ness. This band also has evolutions of hats from its establishments. Among them are beret, forest cap (Glengarry) or side cap.

The crest of St.John Institution’s bagpipe section are formed by few elements such as the bagpipe instrument itself if the center focus with strengthened by two deer that symbolize the energetic, graceful and intellectual. Both deer holds the shoulder belt that appear SJICB Bagpipers. The typo 1972 that stated in the belt is the significant of the year Bagpipe section was established. Below the belt engraved a motto of the platoon ‘Manu Forti Et Honos’ that means with strong hand and honor that has holds the strong and virtuous of this band section.

Depicted and Translated from the Cadet Expo 98 Book.

St John Ambulance of Malaysia (KL SJI A/C Div.)

Part of the St John Ambulance, an international voluntary service organisation dedicated to training and providing first aid to the poor and needies. The only organisation which provent that actions speak louder than words working towards the motto "Pro Ulitate Hominum - For the Service of Mankind". KL SJI A/C has made the school proud with several achievements in the state and national scene, most noted in 2006 and 2007.

(Committee Board)
Officer In-Charge : D/O Woo Chong You
Member In-Charge : Act. Cdt. Cpl Eugene Wong Ying Wei
Secretary : Act. Cdt. Cpl Kan Yip Yun
Tresurer : Cdt. Yap Calvin
Stokeeper : Act. Cdt. L/Cpl Tan Fu-Shen
Cadet Voluntary Service Coordinator: Act. Cdt. L/Cpl Cheah Wei Nam

State Level Competition (SJAM WP)
- Champion in Foot Drill
- 1st Runners up Short Case
State Level Competition (SJAM WP)
- Champion in Foot Drill
State Level Competition (SJAM WP)
- Champion in Ambulance Cadet Category
- Best Leader Award - Heng Yik Hoe
National Level Competition (SJAM)
- 1st Runners up in Short Case
National Level Competition (SJAM)
- 2nd Runners up in Foot Drill
State First Aid Quiz Competition (SJAM WP)
- Best Individual - Wan Ming Wai
State Level Competition (SJAM WP)
- Champion in Ambulance Cadet Category
State Inspection (SJAM WP)
- Youngest 1000 hour Special Service Shield(SSS) Award holder - Eugene Wong
- Division & School - 1st 1000 hours Special Service Shield(SSS) Award recipient - Eugene Wong
State Level Competition (SJAM WP)
- 1st Runners up in Foot Drill
- 1st Runners up in Short Case

St John's Institution Cadet Police

St John's Institution Police Cadet is known as SJIPC. SJIPC is currently had won the title of 'perserta kadet terbaik' (best cadet participant) for 2 years since 2006 in Perkhemahan Kor Kadet Polis which held every year by the IPD Dang Wangi. The NCO of SJIPC for 2008 are:

Sarjan Platun : Mohd Shahir
Koperal 1: Nik Akmal
Koperal 2: Eu Wei Leung
Koperal 3: Mohd Taib
Lans Koperal : Venooth
Lans Koperal: Hasyim
Lans Koperal: Azrin
Lans Koperal: Syed
Lans Koperal: Hazman
Lans Koperal: Azorie

Perkhemahan Kor Kadet Polis 2008 held in Kuala Woh, Tapah,Perak and SJIPC manage to grab 2 gold medal and 1 silver which is
Pertandingan Kawad(Footdrill) : Johan/Gold
Pertandingan Iktihar Hidup(Surviving) : Johan/Gold
Pertandingan Rentas Halangan(Opstacles Challenge) : Perak/Silver



One of the School's Hockey Team's greatest achievements is bringing the name of St John high up in the state level. This team also have won not several but countless championship in the zone level, Inter-zone level, Premier Cup and another of our greatest highlights is winning the Penang open challenge. In this glorious year of 2008,Our target for this momentous year is to win the prestigdes school championship and the premier championship that has been robbed from us for the last 4 years. Apart from that, St John has been the polisher that polished our talents so that we can represent in the sukma, sea games, or even the Olympics.


A sport that has gained popularity over the years. The school's rugby team are known as The Green Machine after the school colours has been ranked one of the best rugby teams in Kuala Lumpur. St. John rugby haka also been modified and new steps of haka that create from our team captain Irfan in 2008 . The haka of St.John is a part of Johanian spirit that lives on. The team has won trophies in zone level, Inter-zone level, Premier Cup and other various competitions. The team consists of two teams which are the under-15's and the under-18's. The Under-18 being the senior team uses the school's red jersey where as the Under-15 team uses the school's green jersey. The school's team is coached by Coach Hang who was once a player and has coached the team throughout the years. The teacher adviser is Encik Roslan Ismail and Cik Siti Nor Radiah.

Under-18 Lineup (2008)

Irfan (President/Captain)
Tengku Hariz (Vice president)
Jazil (Secretary)
Holbert Laeng Ruin (Treasurer)
Aminur Shafiq
Adam Alif Shah
Zul Fadzly
Syed Izmeer
Amir Armaan
Rizzuan Ariff
Kevin Cross
Ahmad Nadhir
Nabil Heikal

Bryan Lau
Teh Eu Sam
Nasril Zaiyad
Ikhlas Khaled
Yurvin Raj
Hazim Hakam
Zain Indra

Clubs & Societies


Literary in Debate & Drama is one of the many clubs in St. John's Institution that never fails to produce excellent students and Johannians under the guidance of their ever present teacher advisor Madam Elizabeth Easaw. St. John's is renown for it's presence in competitions such as debate, drama and public speaking. They have consistently year after year proved that we are a force to be reckoned with. Last year not only did the Drama Team emerge as KL Champions and represent KL in the nationals in Langkawi under the guidance of Miss Ellina Ros and Mr Ravinderan. Representative from school for public speaking also manage to the nationals level after emerging as KL's best public speaker.

They are also ever present in the Annual South East Asian Forensics which is a highly competible competition consisting of a bunch of selected schools. This year our school has taken great pleasure in taking part in the Choral Speaking Competition.

School Songs

School Rally (English)

Written by Brother T. Lawrence Spitzig and adopted by most affiliated La Sallian schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor as their own respective school rally except that the words St John's is replaced by La Salle.

Cheer, cheer and courage display ,
All ye Johannians join in the lay
Send a volley of cheers on high,
Shake down the thunder from the sky,.
What though the odds be great or small,
Dear old St John's will win over all,
While her loyal sons are marching,
Onward to Victory.

Rise, boys and loudly proclaim,
That ye will never sully her name,
Let the hills and woodlands ring.
Lift up your hearts and loudly sing.
What though the way be rough or steep,
We unto virtue's summons will keep.
And if e'er our country needs us,
Loyal and true we'll be.

St John's!!!

School Rally (Bahasa Malaysia Version)

Tunjukkanlah keberanian,
Marilah semua Johannian,
Laungkan semangat berkobar,
Hingga angkasa bergegar ,
Walau apapun rintangan,
St John tetap berjaya menang,
Barisan putera setia,
Menuju puncak jaya.

St John!

Dear St. John’s

Written by Brother T. Lawrence Spitzig

Dear St John’s, we’re cheering for you,
Dear St John’s, oh can’t you see,
Everyone is cheering for you,
We steer you on to victory.

In our lives, our alma mater,
Will give us courage to be true,
And whenever we hear that grand old name,
Dear St John’s, we’ll think of you.

Fide et Labore, Loyalty Song

Written by Brother T. Lawrence Spitzig

We are loyal to you, dear St John's
We are green, white and true, dear St John's
We'll proudly proclaim that we honour your name
FIDE et LABORE St John's

We are cheering for you, dear St John's
The gold eagle still soaring St John's
We'll always remember to never surrender
FIDE et LABORE St John's

Pledge To St John's

Written by Mr Dennis Doss, to commemorate SJI's 80th Anniversary in 1984

We'll strive with all our hearts and soul
With 'Faith and Zeal' to reach our goals
Just like the eagle that seeks to spread its wings on high
For St John's we'll do or die

Fide Et Labore as our guide
We'll do our best, we'll do what's right
We'll keep the flag flying high up in the skies above
And we'll always be ready to serve

We'll tarnish not your name
For its a name of fame
Yes, a name that not a blame
Can be laid on

Johannians one and all
Will hearken to your call
This pledge we dedicate in song

Again we pledge our faith in you
We'll be Johannians bold and true
Fide Et Labore will be our guide to spur us all
And we'll sing, "Long Live St John's"

All The Way

All the way St John's we go for you
All the way or nothing at all
We are loyal we are good and true
All the way we hearken to your call

For you are beautiful
St John's you're beautiful
Our alma mater
We will sing Fide et Labore

All the way St John's we go for you
All the way or nothing at all
We are loyal we are good and true
All the way we hearken to your call

All the way
All the way

Onwards St John

Let us march onto glory
Let us surge onto fame
Let us raise our voices and our hearts
Onward, onward St John

The gold and the green
The white and the true
We are here for you St John
Fide et Labore
Ever loyal we'll be
The bold, the best and the brave

Let us march onto glory
Let us surge onto fame
Let us raise our voices and our hearts
Onward, onward St John

Onward, onward, onward St John...

School Magazine (GARUDAMAS)

The Garudamas is published annually and won the Best Year Book title in the year 2005.

Garudamas Editorial Board of 2008:

Editor-in-chief: Faris Ghani
Graphics Editor: Mohd. Imran
Co-photography Editor: Shankara Viknesh
: Syahaz Emir Farhan
Malay Language Editor: Nik Akmal Hafeez
English Language Editor: Faris Ghani
Senior Photographer: Harrison Devan Lim

Eu Wei Leung
Waseem Akram
Muhammad Mustafa
Wai Kin

Notable Johannians

  • David Valentine Fernandez, Teacher and Student at St. John's Institution
  • Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Al-Haj, Sultan of Selangor
  • Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, Raja Muda (Crown Prince) of Perak
  • Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia
  • Datuk Hishammuddin Tun Hussein Onn, Education Minister of Malaysia
  • Benedict Ponniah, Chairman of the First International Labour Conference in Singapore and First Under Secretary to the Secretary General of the United Nations (1949)
  • Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Dato' Abdul Azim Mohd. Zabidi, chairman of Bank Simpanan Nasional and UMNO Treasurer
  • Tan Sri Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman, former director-general of Health
  • B. R. Sreenivasan, former vice chancellor of the National University of Singapore
  • Dato' Ronald Khoo, former senior partner of legal firm Shearn&Delamore and former President of the Malaysian Bar Council
  • JJ Fernandez, Hitz.fm Morning Crew
  • Joshua Fernandez, Commercials Film Director, Executive Producer
  • Harith Iskandar, actor, comedian and director.
  • Dato Azhar Sulaiman, Sportsman
  • Afdlin Shauki, Actor, Comedian
  • Johan Eskandar Mohamed Hussain, Director of Malaysia Carpets Suppliers
  • Khairul Nizam Bin Husni, Founder www.sahabatnizam.com
  • Mejar Dr Faiz Khaleed, Malaysian Astronout
  • Dato' Kamaluddin Abdullah, corporate businessman and son of Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
  • Shahriman Bin Abdul Hamid - "Johannian 1985-1997"; lecturer, UNHCR representative, greenpeace activist.
  • Elias Yamani Bin Ismail, artist and sculptor
  • Farish A. Noor, political scientist and human rights activist
  • Tesco D'cruz, stage actor, newscaster, radio producer and emcee
  • Geoffrey Nicholson, newscaster
  • Mahadzir Lokman, newscaster and emcee
  • Edwin Sumun, stage actor
  • Kevin Arokiasamy, Hitz.fm Morning Crew
  • Lim Teng Piao Steven, former S.E.A. Games gold medalist in fencing. Current National Coach of the Australian Fencing Team
  • Ayman Hussin Datuk Dr. Mahmood @ Munchin, (Johanian 1989-1999), video producer/director/editor for "Saint John's Institution K.L-Corporate Video Documentary 2007", music composer
  • Alan Mun Onn Chan, Technical Director of Sony Pictures, California. Special Effects director of the movie "Titanic" and "Lord of the Rings"
  • Dr Fazley - Motivator & singer
  • Badri Abbasi - Founder of the Association of Malaysia Professionals
  • Nadesh A/L Ramanathan - Malaysia Junior Hockey Player
  • Hans Isaac - actor, producer and director
  • Vincent Fernandez, Teacher (at St. John's Institution), RTM Radio 4 Sports Commentator
  • Professor Kenneth Surin- Duke University, USA
  • Colonel Yusoff Sahibjahn, Chief of Staff, United Nations in Morocco
  • Farouq Sahibjahn, Johannian Class of 92, Arts Department Crew for Anna and The King The Movie, Hollywood 1999
  • Barney Chua, Commercials Film Director
  • Zakaria Ab. Rahim, Selangor Football Manager
  • Kamil Yunus, Managing Director of FreeForm Design
  • Ahmad Idham, Actor,Film Director

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