Warrego Highway

Warrego Highway

The Warrego Highway is located in southern Queensland, Australia. It connects coastal centres to the south western areas of the state, and is approximately 750 kilometres in length. It takes its name from the Warrego River, which is the endpoint of the highway. The entire highway is part of the National Highway system linking Darwin and Brisbane: formerly National Highway 54, Queensland began to convert to the alphanumeric system much of Australia had adopted in the early-2000s and is now designated as National Highway A2.


The highway commences at the end of the M7 Ipswich Motorway, near Ipswich, and climbs the Great Dividing Range to Toowoomba. The first section of highway between Ipswich and Toowoomba is motorway grade, a four lane divided highway with motorway-style on-ramps and off-ramps.

From Toowoomba, it then crosses the Darling Downs and continues to Charleville where the road is two lanes with many passing lanes along the route.

Speed Zones

  • Ipswich - Blacksoil 100km/h
  • Blacksoil - Brisbane Valley Highway Junction 80km/h
  • Brisbane Valley Highway Junction - Withcott 100km/h
  • Withcott - Great Dividing Range 70km/h to 100km/h
  • Through Toowoomba 60km/h
  • Toowoomba - Charleville 100km/h except sections between Toowoomba and Chinchilla at 110km/h

From east to west, the highway passes through or close to the cities and major towns of:

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