Warrawong Sanctuary

Warrawong Sanctuary

Warrawong Sanctuary is a wildlife reserve near Adelaide, South Australia. Warrawong was established by Dr. John Wamsley to conserve endangered Australian wildlife. He purchased the first , a degraded dairy farm, in 1969, with later added

Wamsely eradicated all feral plants and animals from the sanctuary and erected a surrounding fence to preserve the sanctuary's feral free state. Warrawong was opened to the general public in 1985 with a view to generating enough money to set up more sanctuaries. A company, Earth Sanctuaries Limited, was started in 1988 with a forty year strategy to create a network of eighty sanctuaries, spanning all of Australia's habitats. The company was listed on the Australian stock exchange on 8 April 2000. The float was under subscribed leaving the company A$10 million short of funds and unable to complete its network of sanctuaries in the eastern states of Australia. During the mid 2000's Earth Sanctuaries Limited was delisted from the Australian stock exchange. Due to the companies poor commercial performance, Warrawong was closed for five months of 2005. In 2006 the sanctuary was bought by Anthony Miller, owner of the Gumeracha toy factory and giant rocking horse, with a commitment to continue operations.


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