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List of warez groups

This is an incomplete list of warez groups. Such groups typically tag their releases with NFO files. Due to the nature of the Warez scene, not much is known about these groups. Listed here are many of the more significant warez groups, with a short introduction of when they were formed and what they have done. Note that there are many other warez groups that are not included here.

Historical groups

These groups have existed for several years, or have already disbanded.

Australian Crackers United were primarily based in Melbourne, Australia. They existed between 1987 and 1992 largely importing warez from overseas via standard dialup modem. They focused on C games and applications.

ARiSe is a one-time leading distributor of illegal files, music, and videos on America Online. Founded by EViL in the early 1990s, ARiSe catapulted to fame when a member by the alias of RajuAbju took over. Following RajuAbju's resignation in the mid- to late-90s, the group took a downward spiral and eventually broke up.

  • The Band

The Band was formed in 1987 in Belgium by Duncan, Sir 004 & Gonthar (former members of WOW on the C64), and was one of Belgium's earliest and most famous cracking groups on the Commodore Amiga. They released a lot of a well known Amiga games and were one of the first to crack a new protection method, first used on the boxing game Ring Side. The group was disbanded end of 1989. Several members joined German group Vision Factory.

Bentley Sidwell Productions is said to have made some of the earlier IBM PC cracktros, because they credited themselves with CGA animations in their cracks. Bentley Sidwell Productions' history

Canadian Pirates Inc were a Toronto, Ontario based cracking group started in 1987 releasing Apple products. The group history

  • DEViSO was founded in approximately 1997-1998 (see: Risciso [DEViSO released numerous quality movies and some applications
  • JADEiSO was founded in 2000 by members of (Risciso), (MaGE), and (FCN) in order to make the release of CBTs (Computer Based Training) more mainstream and acceptable on sites. JADEiSO has no affiliation with the 0-day rip warez group called JADE.

SHOCK was founded in July 1996 from the defunct group CiA by someone going by the alias Outbreak. In October 1996, SHOCK successfully merged with The Corporation (CORP). In 1998, SHOCK surpassed 1000 releases and founded an ISO division (SHOCKiSO). By 1999, SHOCK had 1500 releases and 2000 releases by May 30, 2000. The group history

DrinkOrDie released a pirated copy of Windows 95 before it was released at retail stores. They were subject to a raid in Operation Buccaneer.

The iSO division (EViLiSO) was one of the first groups to release movies, eventually leading to many topsites accepting VCD releases. Released American Pie on the internet 3 months before its theatrical release.

The FiRM was a notable PC cracking group from 1989 to the early 1990s. They mainly released cracked games but also created several utilities such as PkUnlite which unpacked executables which were compressed using Phil Katz PkLite. The group history

INC was one of the premier cracking/releasing warez groups for the IBM PC during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The majority of their releases during 1993 were educational games for children. By early 1994, INC had completely disappeared from the warez scene.

National Elite Underground Alliance was an IBM PC warez release organization largely based out of New York which operated during the early 1990s.

PARADOX was founded in 1989, mainly cracking/release games for the Amiga. They have since spread to the PC and other consoles. They are one of the major warez groups still around today.

Pirates With Attitude were a major international warez release group from 1992 until 2000. The group was formed by two former INC members known by the pseudonyms Orion and Bar Manager. PWA made global headlines by releasing Microsoft Windows 98 four weeks before it hit store shelves. PWA members were raided close after the passing of the No Electronic Theft or "NET" Act.

Pirator provide the internet and the pirate rings with links to a whole host of game, movie, television, application, hacking and cracking tools for the dispense of its members. The site is very well organised with a team of moderators, cops and administrators which closely guard the content and keeping it valid.

Notable Amiga cracking group.

Radium is known primarily for cracking and releasing high dollar audio editing software such as Cubase VST and Pro Tools. One of their greater accomplishments was to actually speed up the Fraunhofer MP3 codec as well as cracking the copy protection. Radium were said to have offered better support for their releases than the companies who actually manufactured the programs. Several verses of the rap song Hackers and the Crackers" by Zearle are devoted to the group Radium. In 2004, it was discovered that some of the sounds included with the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, such as WMPAUD1.WAV, were authored using a pirated version of Sound Forge which was supplied by Radium.

Radium was disbanded in 2001 to avoid the BSA, who had them listed as their "number one target." Since then, attempts have been made to restart the group.

Razor 1911 was founded in 1985 on the Commodore 64 but also had a major presence on the Commodore Amiga and the IBM PC. They were subject to raid in Operation Buccaneer and Operation Fastlink. They are one of the few groups still operating today.

T34M !NV!5!613 is primarily based internationally. T34M !NV!5!613 has over 70 members. They existed between 2000 and still exist today. They focused on releasing and distributing major Motion Picture movies in high quality before/during theater release dates and with Major record label music releases that are advanced copies/editorial copies and general retail versions of music cd(s) copies. This group has members in South Korea, The United States of America, Japan, Australia, The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Norway, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Africa.

The Dream Team was active between 1989 and 1996.
A late 1980s, early 1990s, games release group.

The Humble Guys were the first warez group to make use of NFO files to document their releases.

TRSI began as an alliance between two warez groups: Tristar and Red Sector, Inc. They were formed in 1990 as a cooperative Commodore 64 demo coding and cracking group. TRSI migrated from the Commodore 64 release platform to the Amiga and IBM-PC, and eventually branched off into the console gaming scene before finally disbanding their warez division. In late 2003, TRSI became inactive and remains so today.

TAM was founded in 1991 The Arab Mafia cracking/release Application, PC games, DVDRip Movies, and Templates.

American based movie release group, known for releasing high quality multi language DVD far before release date. SMiRNoFF also released many well known movies while they were still in theatre. They used high quality 3ccd cameras to obtain better resolutions in the dark theatres. According to some sources the group also used multiple people to gather direct audio from hard of hearing headphone jacks inside theatres using mp3 recorders.

The United Software Association was a prominent IBM PC games and applications warez group during the 1990s. USA formed an alliance with the PC warez division of Fairlight which was known as "USA/FLT". In late January of 1992, several members of USA were arrested by the United States Secret Service and the Farmington Hills, Michigan police for credit card fraud.

Application (ISO) groups

Risciso (RiSCiSO) was founded in approximately 1993. Originally an offshoot of RiSC only in that it was formed by some RiSC members and members of other groups looking to courier the new .iSO format. ;The two groups had no affiliation yet remained friendly over the years. RiSCiSO became one of the top iSO courier groups and then branched out into a full blown release group with many sub-divisions such as MACiSO (the first MAC & MAC OSX release group).

DEViSO was the very first video CD release group founded in approximately 1997-1998 and went on to release some quality applications before morphing into other group incarnations

JADEiSO was founded in 2000 by members of (Risciso), (MaGE), and (FCN) in order to make the release of CBTs (Computer Based Training) more mainstream and acceptable on sites. JADEiSO has no affiliation with the 0-day rip warez group called JADE.RiSE

FXP Scene Group focuses on warezing applications developed by members of The Business Software Alliance. RogueWarriorz (RWZ)
Twelve "Operation Bandwidth" Software Pirates Enter into Group Guilty PleaWe Love Warez (WLW)
WLW was subject to raid during Operation Buccaneer, Operation Fastlink, and Operation Safehaven. Ohio Man Pleads Guilty to Copyright Infringement.The Bitter End (TBE)
TBE is one of the leading Industry Application (CAD/CAM) Cracking group in the scene.Clan 2k-1 (2k-1)
A old warez clan on IRC back when Dalnet allowed it. Even had a special IRC script and a secret server loaded with software. When Dalnet started to pounce on warez they disbanded and most have moved on and a matter of fact most have stopped their pirating days.

Cracking groups

Groups are either WWW crackteams or "0day" (scene groups)

WWW Crackteams

The official site: http://www.tnctr.com/ TNC is a cracker team that also prepares unattended programs and modified operating systems.

The official site: http://ahteam.org/eng/


A new cracking team , formed in 2007 by allko,dj-siba and Mouradpr. They have published an educating book about RE in Arabic. The official site: http://www.at4re.com

ENFUSiA 0day cracker team formed in 2001 most member of the group is Hungarian. ENFXViD is the movie release part and FNEMP3 is the mp3 release part of ENFUSiA.

The official site: http://www.extremeteam.bravehost.com

Fighting For Fun Team is a French Web Group still alive, with more than 10000 releases. Group was formed in April 2002. The official site: www.zor.org/fighting

The official site: http://foff.astalavista.ms

The official site: http://www.teamicu.org

Phrozen Crew was founded in 1993 as a one of the first software cracking groups by the Keyboard Caper (tKC). Phrozen Crew received much public scrutiny. Although not as active as they were in the mid to late 1990s Phrozen Crew is still alive as of 2006.
The official site: http://www.phrozencrew.net

The team was launched in 2008 by Micheal and Xylitol. The official site: http://www.redcrew.net

The official site: http://www.revenge-crew.com

Seek n Destroy is a web based "crack" team. The team was born early January of 2003 by Punk!Dude and Cektop. The official Seek n Destroy birthday is 7th January after the first release (a keygen) by Punk!Dude. The official site: http://snd.astalavista.ms

Responsible for attacks against government www. Also defaced Mininova. Team was born 2003~, cracking games. Moved on to Defacement (vandalism) and rooting in early 2005, not very active. Official site: http://teamacid.net

Team launched August 1st, 2004 and is still alive and kicking today. The official site: http://appznet.biz/

The official site: http://tport.org & http://tport.astalavista.ms

The Reverser's Ultimate Epidemic' was founded in 2007 by Sancho, and xes provided them distro which helped to propell the team. Official site: http://www.lastepidemic.net

Team "The Sabotage Rebellion hackers" was founded in 1999 by B-$hep, NiTrOgEn660 and OxEn. After the sixth year, the team has over 10,000 releases of keygens and cracks.
The official site: http://tsrh.org.ua

Scene groups

Known for their amazingly small ASCII videos and high quality keygens.

Best known for the nulling/decoding of PHP scripts, though they also crack webmaster related tools. Founded in 2001 and getting bigger everyday. The team now has over 3000 releases and more to come.
The Official Site: http://www.nulledscriptz.com

Zero Waiting Time was founded in 1998 by group leader ygeR. The keygens released by ZWT usually contain "oldschool" tracker music and detailed artwork. As of June 2007 ZWT is still operating.

Best known for bruteforcing, cracking, and technology resources. RLA has over 150 members world wide.

Known to release keygens.

PC games groups

  • CLASS (also known as CLS)

Class was a prolific game warez group which has been the repeated target of federal raids such as Operation Fastlink. They are a global group and have many members worldwide, often releasing "rip" games. Class was notorious for releasing a game, followed by a "fix" release to fix problems with running the cracked game. Technically defunct but occasionally making releases (they supposedly stopped after their 1,234'th release).

Subject to raid in Operation Fastlink. Many members are now releasing under the group name HATRED.

One of the oldest groups in warez scene, founded in 1987, and still active. Fairlight was subject to raid in Operation Fastlink, which almost killed their ISO division. Their Demoscene division was not affected by the raid. Group NFO after the bust.

Hoodlum mainly focused on cracking Safedisc and Securom. Released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Targeted as part of Operation Site Down raids in 2005. Group history

  • Myth
  • [[Sick (warez)|Sick ([S]haredxs [I]ndependant [C]racking [K]ing )]]

Team -Sick- is a relatively new warez "team". It currently has one member and was started in 2008. Team -Sick- produces patches for programs, full albums, MP3's, and full movies. Official site: ]

TECHNiC is a small group from France, mostly active around 2004. They specialized on ripping games but they were often criticized for stealing cracks.

Major game release group, formerly one of the biggest in the scene.

Major game release group.

Major game release group, DEViANCE offspring.

Thailand Cracked Crew

A small group from Canada, founded in 2002, made some releases but died when people found out that they stole cracks from such groups, as RELOADED and HATRED.

Console games groups

Echelon is a warez group which specializes in the release and distribution of console games, such as Dreamcast ISOs. Between September 4, 2000 and April 30, 2002 they released 188 games and 34 other various fixes, tutorials, trainers, and loaders. Eurasia
Eurasia was a warez group which specialized in the release and distribution of console and hand held games, primarily Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. Kalisto
Kalisto is a warez group which specializes in the release and distribution of console games, predominantly PlayStation and PlayStation 2.

Courier groups

TUS Releases Telesync movies in the KVCD format.Motiv8 (M8)
Motiv8 was born in early 1991 in the Commodore 64 Scene as a Demo/Release group. In 1994, lead by Mason and Xerox, it split off to create the Motiv8 PC Section. In February 1998 Mason disbands the group. June 29, 1998 Motiv8 was reborn under the leadership consisting of Dogan and Highlandr. As of 2005, Motiv8 is currently still active. The group history and member list Rise in Superior Couriering (RiSC)
RiSC was one of the largest courier groups during BBS era.
Most people are of the incorrect assumption that RiSC, the 0-day warez courier group and RiSCiSO, the iSO courier group and iSO & Movie release group are affiliated, but they are two completely separate groups. See: Risciso Targeted as part of Operation Site Down raids in 2005 MiRaGe (MrG)
MiRaGe was a prominent encoder group in the late 1990s, which operated through its IRC channel #movie-central on the DALnet network. The group received 0-day VCD releases via couriers and compressed them into the ASF video format, which was more suitable for mass distribution in a time where most users had 56k dial-up connections. It also operated a subgroup, MrG-MV, which applied the same distribution mechanism to music videos. Request To Send (RTS)
RTS is one of the oldest still existing courier groups. The group began est. 1994, still active currently (17/06/08). On September 21st, 1994, RTS beats RiSC on #warez with Wing Commander Armada. The significance of this event was massive attention drawn to RTS. That fall was rough, though, with many narc attempts on people in the scene. Many of the top boards were forced to go down during this period.The Cartel (ThC)
The Cartel was a courier group that gave rise to The Speed Racer (TSR) as head of Razor 1911 in the early 1990s.



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