Wanted (2001 album)

Wanted: Dead or Alive (album)

Wanted: Dead or Alive is a 1990 (see 1990 in music) album by the hip hop duo Kool G Rap & DJ Polo.

Track listing

  1. "Streets of New York"
  2. "Wanted: Dead or Alive"
  3. "Money in the Bank"
  4. "Bad to the Bone"
  5. "Talk Like Sex"
  6. "Play It Again, Polo"
  7. "Erase Racism" (Feat. Big Daddy Kane & Biz Markie)
  8. "Kool Is Back"
  9. "Play It Kool"
  10. "Death Wish"
  11. "Jive Talk"
  12. "Polo Club"
  13. "Rikers Island"

Videos (added to 2007 Traffic Entertainment reissue)

  1. Streets of New York
  2. Erase Racism

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