Wall St

Rocking Wall St. by Gary Marks

Rocking Wall St: Four Powerful Strategies That Will Shake Up the Way You Invest, Build Your Wealth, and Give You Your Life Back is a book on investment advice. It was released in February 2007.


This is the first book by Gary Marks, known for his unique ability to synthesize his investment research to form risk-averse, multi-manager strategies, which have been successful in both bull and bear markets.

His book totes four critical investing principles to beat the Wall Street "casino" at its own game and help you become successful in every phase of life:

  1. The Emotional Controls: how to hedge your emotions as well as your investments.
  2. Knowing the Difference Between Market Stats and Market Hype: there are market statistics, and then there are statistics that are neatly packaged and marketed to you.
  3. Hedged Portfolio Construction: how and why to make hedging techniques the rule, not the exception,in your investment portfolio.
  4. Planning for the Future and Seeking "The End Game": seeing your portfolio of assets, your career,and your personal life as one inseparable "investment."


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