Walferdange communal council

Walferdange communal council

Walferdange communal council (Conseil communal de Walferdange) is the local council for the commune of Walferdange, in central Luxembourg.

It consists of thirteen members, elected every six years by proportional representation. The last elections were held on 9 October 2005, and resulted in a draw between the Christian Social People's Party (CSV) and the Democratic Party (DP). In the collège échevinal, the DP forms a coalition with the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party, who have the third-largest contingent, under the leadership of DP mayor Guy Arendt.

Party Seats Councillors
Democratic Party (DP) 4 Guy Arendt, Joëlle Elvinger, Charles Gloden, Nicolas Wiot
Christian Social People's Party (CSV) 4 Marie-Anne Eiden-Renckens, Michel Feidt, François Sauber, Edmée Schmit-Streff
Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP) 3 Hénoké Courte-Wolde Medhin, Joseph Faber, Alain Weins
The Greens 2 Camille Peping, Liz Paulus
Source: Commune of Walferdange


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