Wagnerian rock

Wagnerian rock

Wagnerian rock is a musical term which likely originated with Jim Steinman, who is quoted as using the phrase in the liner notes of the Meat Loaf album, Rock 'N Roll Hero. The phrase is assumed to be inspired by Steinman's love for the music of Richard Wagner and Phil Spector. Amongst writers and reviewers, the term is used to refer to a merger of twentieth century Rock & Roll and nineteenth century Opera reminiscent of Wagner's and of Spector's "Wall of Sound".

The music of several other rock artists has been referred to as Wagnerian rock, or simply Wagnerian. The word is sometimes used rather ambiguously in rock writing, referring to such things as bombast, teutonic style or fantasy lyrics. The term has been applied to music by such diverse artists as progressive heavy metal band Savatage; alternative rock band Evanescence; noted producer and songwriter Phil Spector; progressive rock band King Crimson; German industrial metal band Rammstein; Slovenian industrial music group Laibach; American heavy metal group Manowar; and German electronic music artist Klaus Schulze, who uses the pseudonym "Richard Wahnfried," a name derived from his interest in Richard Wagner.

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