Wad Madani

Wad Madani

Wad Madani, city (1993 pop. 211,362), E central Sudan, on the Blue Nile River. It is linked by rail with Khartoum and is the chief center of the Al Gezira cotton-growing region. Wheat, barley, and livestock are other products of the city. Wad Madani has an agricultural research station. A small Turko-Egyptian administrative post in the 19th cent., the city grew rapidly after the implementation (1925) of a program to develop the Al Gezira region.

Wad Madani (ودمدني) is the capital of Al Jazirah state in east-central Sudan. Wad Madani lies on the west bank of the Blue Nile, nearly 85 miles (136 km) southeast of Khartoum. It is linked by rail to Khartoum and is the center of a cotton-growing region. The city is also the center of local trade in wheat, peanuts, barley, and livestock. It is also headquarters of the Irrigation Service. In 1993 , its population was 218,714.


In the early 18th century, Wad Madani was a small Turko-Egyptian outpost, and grew rapidly following the 1925 Gezira Scheme of irrigation to stimulate local economic development. Wad Madani is a commercial centre of the Gezira agricultural district and is mostly residential. The number of inhabitants is apparently closing in on a million. Wad Madani has lively commercial activities with good souqs.

The beaches of Wad Madani are situated on the eastern river bank of the Blue Nile. The city's facilities are more modernized than most places in the Sudan (except the Khartoum area). Wad Madani is a honeymoon destination for many Sudanese, which adds to a fairly easygoing atmosphere.

The University of al-Jazirah is also located in the area.

The popular Sudanese singers Abdel Aziz El Mubarak, Mohammed Al Ameen and Ibrahim Al Kashif were born in Wad Madani. The center of the town's areas are the souq, Al Daraga, Al Gism Al Awal, Wad Azrag and the Sudanese District (formerly known as the British District).

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