WWE Confidential

WWE Confidential

WWE Confidential was a World Wrestling Entertainment television show that aired on Spike TV late Saturday nights, following Velocity, from 2002 to 2004. It was hosted by Gene Okerlund.


Confidential was a unique program for the company, in that it was not a standard "live event" or "recap" show. Rather, it offered an exclusive, "behind the scenes" look into WWE and its talent, both in-ring and otherwise. The show also periodically broke kayfabe.

Notable and typical features

Typical Confidential features included: An interview with Shawn Michaels in which he admitted he was in on the Montreal Screwjob (after years of denying any involvement in it); an analysis of why Stone Cold Steve Austin abruptly left the company in mid-2002; a history of the World Heavyweight Championship, featuring interviews with past titleholders (and in the process making the disputed-by-many claim that this title shares its lineage with the WCW version); segments detailing life on the road for WWE stars, including overseas tours, a story on how wrestlers feel when people say "Wrestling's Fake" (this segment was also notable because the wrestlers being interviewed admitted that wrestling is pre-determined, the first time a wrestler stated that on a wrestling show); and a brief history of the Monday Night Wars.


Confidential was cancelled in 2004. Its spiritual successor was The WWE Experience, although that program was more of a standard recap show.

DVD compilation

A DVD compilation of segments from this show, The Best of WWE Confidential, was released in early 2003.

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