WVTX-CA is a Class-A television station which retransmits WBGN-LP from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on channel 28. The station is officially licensed to the city of Bridgeport, Ohio. WVTX-CA along with its transmission facilities are owned by Bruno-Goodworth Network which also owns eleven other Class A television stations.


WVTX-CA was originally a satellite station for independent Pittsburgh station WBGN-LP with the W28AS call sign. The station's call sign was later changed to WVTX-CA on February 17th, 2004.

Under a Local Marketing Agreement which began in late 2004 Bruno-Goodworth Network retained ownership of WVTX-CA, the station increased power, ceased transmitting WBGN programming, and started its own newscast, produced locally by WVTX Inc, which also shared ownership with cable-only WBWO-18.

WVTX-CA became the state's only UPN affiliate and produced programming such as a daily 5:30pm newscast and coverage of local church services. WVTX-CA also enjoyed carriage on several area cable systems including Comcast which carried the station on channel 3.

After a failed attempt at running the station, WVTX Inc. returned WVTX-CA to The Bruno Goodworth Network in September 2006. WVTX-CA is now Wheeling's only independent television station. WVTX-CA airs a mix of local programs and first run syndicated programming. The station is no longer carried on the Comcast system, but remains available over the air.

Network Affiliation

WVTX was affiliated UPN from December, 2004 to September, 2006. When UPN and the WB merged to form The CW Television Network in on September 16th, 2006, WVTX lost its network affiliation and became independent. The CW affiliation was granted to WBWO, a cable only channel in the Wheeling-Steubenville area.

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