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WUPW is the Fox television affiliate station for Toledo, Ohio and broadcasted on (analog) Channel 36 & (digital) Channel 46. It's known on-air as "FOX Toledo." It's owned by the LIN TV Corporation. Its transmitter is located in Oregon, Ohio and its studios are located in Four Seagate in Downtown Toledo.

In addition to news and Fox network programming, WUPW also carries many off-network sitcoms and a few syndicated game/reality, talk and courtroom shows.


WUPW went on the air on September 22, 1985 as an independent television station. It became a charter Fox network affiliate in 1986.

In the 1990s, the station began to air a 10pm newscast produced by WTOL. The partnership between the two stations ended in 2000 and WUPW launched its own news department.

WUPW was the only Toledo over-the-air television station to air cartoons weekday afternoons as the local WB affiliate, WT05 is a cable station. The station added a 4pm newscast after Fox discontinued kids' weekday programming in 2001.

Originally, WUPW was owned by a consortium of local investors and private companies. They sold the station to Atlanta-based Ellis Communications in 1993. Three years later, Ellis Communications was sold to a group led by the Retirement Systems of Alabama, who merged it with Aflac's broadcasting group to form Raycom Media.

After Raycom acquired Malrite Broadcasting (which owned NBC affiliate WNWO-TV) in 1999, WUPW was spun off to Sunrise Television due to FCC rules at the time prohibiting common ownership of two stations in the same market, as Raycom opted to keep the longer-established WNWO at that time. LIN acquired the station in 2002 through its purchase of Sunrise Television. Ironically, Raycom bought WTOL in 2006 after Liberty Broadcasting merged with Raycom (WNWO was sold to Barrington Broadcasting due to current FCC rules prohibiting common ownership of two of the four largest stations in a single market).

In early June 2007, WUPW along with three other LIN-owned Fox affiliates switched their websites over to Fox Interactive Media's MyFox platform, which is already being used by Fox O&O's. The LIN-owned stations are the first non-Fox O&O's to adopt the new site design. On a related topic, WUPW earlier in 2007 also switched to the Fox O&O News Theme, and also uses a version of the Fox O&O graphics that were modified in-house. The theme and graphics were offered to all Fox affiliates, regardless of ownership, through affiliate news video service Fox News Edge.

On October 2, 2008 Time Warner’s contract to carry FOX Toledo on its cable system expired, and Time Warner no longer has the right to carry Fox Toledo's programming.

News Programming Timeline

  • January 28, 1996

"Fox 36 News at Ten" is launched immediately following Super Bowl XXX. Produced by WTOL-TV, the set is located in the WTOL studios and most stories are recycled from the CBS affiliate's newscasts. Laura Emerson is a co-anchor of the Monday through Friday program.

  • July 31, 2000

"FOX Toledo News at 10" is launched. The partnership between WUPW and WTOL comes to an end, and WUPW's news operation moves to Four Seagate. New graphics and a new set accompany the launch of the independent half-hour show, which is also expanded to 7 nights a week.

  • August 6, 2001

"FOX Toledo News at 10" is extended to an hour-long newscast with a 5 minute "Fastcast" recap of news, weather, and sports ending at 11pm.

  • July 21, 2003

First word appears in The Toledo Blade of a possible 4 o'clock newscast.

  • January 5, 2004

"FOX Toledo News First at Four" is launched. Branding of the 10 o'clock show becomes "First at Ten", and graphics and set are changed.

  • November 2006

FOX Toledo News takes over third place in viewership in the November ratings period, a position before held by WNWO-TV.

  • September 24, 2007

"First at Four" expands to an hour-long newscast from 4:00pm-5:00pm.


  • Barrett Andrews
  • Tamara Berg
  • Allison Brown
  • Howard Chen
  • Sharia Davis
  • Laura Emerson
  • Brad Fanning
  • Shaun Hegarty
  • Brian Krupp
  • Heather Miller
  • Kelly Miner
  • Doug Moats
  • Joe Rychnovsky
  • Bruce Slusher
  • Tiffany Tarpley
  • Michelle Zepeda

Past Personalities

  • Timyka Artist, Reporter (WPXI)
  • Dan Bumpus, Reporter (WTOL)
  • Ronnie Dahl, Reporter (WJBK)
  • Ryan Fowler, Reporter (WNWO)
  • Jeff George, Chief Meteorologist (KOKH)
  • Andrew Humphrey, Chief Meteorologist (WDIV)
  • Micheal Kelting, Meteorologist (KRON)
  • Grant Kittleson, Sports Producer
  • Adam Kuperstein, Sports Reporter/Anchor (WTVJ)
  • Joy Lepola, Reporter/Anchor (WBFF)
  • Katie Miller, Meteorologist
  • Mike Morrison, Chief Meteorologist
  • Kevin Mullan, Reporter (WNWO)
  • April Norris, Reporter (KGBT)
  • Myrt Price, Reporter/Anchor (WOIO)
  • Megan Pringle, Reporter (WMAR)
  • Jennifer Roose, Reporter/Anchor
  • Karl Rundgren, Anchor (KMID)
  • Dan Spehler, Reporter/Anchor/Producer (WRTV)
  • Gabe Spiegel, (WSYX-TV)
  • Tami Tremblay, Anchor (KTRV)
  • Scott Van Almen, Sports Reporter/Anchor
  • Susan Ware, Meteorologist (WTVG)
  • Eric Yuhaz, Reporter
  • Autumn Ziemba, Anchor/Reporter (WEWS)



  • Emmy Award: Outstanding Weekend Newscast (Market 41+) for "FOX Toledo News Weekends"
  • Emmy Award Nomination: Outstanding Evening Newscast (Market 41+) for "FOX Toledo News First at Ten"
  • Emmy Award Nomination: Outstanding Daytime or Morning Newscast (Market 41+) for "FOX Toledo News First at Four"


  • Emmy Award Nomination: Outstanding Daytime Newscast (Market 41+) for "FOX Toledo News First at Four"
  • Emmy Award Nomination: Outstanding Daily Newscast (Market 41+) for "FOX Toledo News First at Ten"
  • Ohio Associated Press: First Place, Karl Rundgren and Casey Jouett. Extraordinary Coverage of a Scheduled Event for "You Decide 2006 Election Preview Special"
  • Ohio Associated Press: Best Regularly Scheduled Sports, Brad Fanning and Howard Chen for "Hardcore Sports".


  • Emmy Award: Outstanding Daytime Newscast (Market 41+) for "FOX Toledo News First at Four"
  • Emmy Award: Outstanding Daily Newscast (Market 41+) for "FOX Toledo News First at Ten"
  • Ohio Associated Press: First Place, Karl Rundgren and Casey Jouett. Extraordinary Coverage of a Scheduled Event for "You Decide 2005 Election Preview Special"
  • Press Club of Toledo Touchstone Awards: Excellence in Journalism Award for "You Decide 2005 Election Preview Special"


  • Emmy Award: Outstanding Daytime Newscast (Market 41+) for "FOX Toledo News First at Four"


  • Emmy Award: Outstanding Daily Newscast (Market 41+) for "FOX Toledo News at Ten"


  • Emmy Award: Outstanding Daily Newscast (Market 41+) for "FOX Toledo News at Ten"

Face of FOX Toledo

Between 2005-2006, Leah D'Emilio was the first Face of FOX Toledo. She was seen on commercials as well as at local media events. She is now the "Face of Jim White Honda".

Abby Bollenbacher was named Leah's successor in 2006 and Julia Johnston won the job in 2007.


Blizzard of 2007

During a blizzard on February 13, 2007, part of Downtown Toledo lost power, including Four SeaGate. The back-up generator failed, forcing nearly 20 employees to evacuate. The station was knocked off the air for 3 hours, pre-empting "American Idol," "House" and FOX Toledo News First at Ten. Employees grabbed as much equipment as they could and ran out of the building during the middle of the storm. They scaled several flights of stairs to store the equipment across the street in then-chief meteorologist Mike Morrison's apartment in the Lasalle Apartments.


The WUPW Tower is a 372-meter high-guy aerial mast for the transmission of FM radio and TV programs in Oregon, Ohio (Geographical coordinates: ). It was completed in 1985 and is the property of LIN Broadcasting.

Station Presentation

Digital Channels

Digital channels
RF Channel
Video Aspect Programming
36.1 46.1 720p 16:9 Main WUPW Programming (High Definition)

Analog-to-digital conversion

After the analog television shutdown and digital conversion, scheduled to take place on February 17, 2009 , WUPW will continue digital broadcasts on channel 46 using PSIP to display WUPW's virtual channel as 36.

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