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WHHY-FM (101.9 FM, "Y-102") is a Top 40 radio station broadcasting in Montgomery, Alabama. The station is owned by Cumulus Media. The broadcast signal can be heard as far away as Birmingham, Alabama, and is generally clear south of there along Interstate 65.


The station first operated in downtown Montgomery. During the late 60's the station moved into a house on Norman Bridge Road. A broadcast wing was added to the back of the building in the late 70's. The original "WHHY" was an AM station (1440 AM) owned by Holt/Robinson. The FM station on 101.9 was an automated FM. Later known as "The Music FM - Y-102" The FM station would simulcast the AM's morning show hosted by long time Jock and Program Director Larry Stevens. During the 70's Y-102 would split from the AM at 10am each moring and would broadcast lite classic rock, (Elton John, ELO, Billy Joel, David Bowie, Bob Seger ect.) The AM was CHR.

In the early 1980s the FM became the focus station of the pair. The FM was changed to CHR. The AM format was changed to Adult Hits. (AC) During the 90's Holt/Robinson broadcasting began to have money problems. Long time morning show host Larry Stevens exits to rival Colonial Broadcasting. The Format is shifted to "New Rock" and is known as "Live 101.9" Holt/Robinson broadcasting is placed in recevership. McDonald Media buys the station, then Cumulus Broadcasting. The FM station's format is changed to Country by McDonald, then back to CHR by Cumulus. The AM has several formats, late 70's AC with Larry King overnights, Oldies. Cumulus Broadcasting changed the format of the AM to talk (News Radio 1440) and killed the heritage call letters WHHY.


Cumulus Media programs CHR music, syndicated morning show, and voice tracks some shifts.


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